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Dice Setter wants to know...

Have you played craps in a casino and felt that the dice

used in the game were altered or otherwise not fair dice?


Do you think casinos cheat at the dice table?



In February, 2010, we emailed this question to over 15,000 current Dice Setter Newsletter subscribers. All email replies were all read and then sorted into categories on the basis of the expressed opinion. Some replies were short and to the point, while others were quite detailed. We selected a sampling of the replies submitted that best represented the broad range of each category. You may now read for yourself a portion the responses collected from the Dice Setter Newsletter Survey.

Editor's note: Although some editing did take place, it is not the intention to correct every detail of a submitted reply. In some cases, word choice was unclear so, it was decided to leave most of the submissions "as is". The editing which did take place mostly dealt with convection errors and most of the spelling errors. Correct grammar was not addressed. Stuff it, Ms. Betz! (my old English teacher still reads my writing)

Using the statistics gathered from our Aweber data base, we were able to ascertain that 52.3% of entire list polled did not open the email survey that was sent in February 2010.

47.7% of the Dice Setter Newsletter Subscribers replied to the survey question. 

53.7% say Fair Dice. 31.5% say Suspicious Dice. 14.8% Say Other

As a result of the survey replies, we created the three categories to catalog responses.


Fair Dice: This category contains responses indicating that the those surveyed trusts casinos to use fair dice. Further, they believe that casinos do not cheat, would not cheat, and that in all their playing time, have never experience cheating or had a reason to believe cheating might have occurred while they were playing craps.


Suspicious Dice: This category contains the responses from readers who indicated that they distrusted casinos, and that casinos use altered dice or other methods to have a greater advantage over the players. Furthermore, some implied that they are sure casinos cheat using alter dice or other methods, and during one or more sessions have been exposed to cheating and have reasons to support why they believe cheating is, in fact, going on by the casino.


Table Conditions and Other Replies: This category contains responses that did not pertain to our direct questions about fair dice and cheating. The responses, though not on topic, are published here, as we felt a need to represent all the responses from the actual survey as data.


Dice Setter's response is published in the web page, "If They Are Cheating, Why Play?" It is our intention to be accurate as well as informative while allowing for the reader to make up their own mind. While you gather information about biased dice and if casinos cheat, please consider the following:


1. The casino odds favor the casino not the player.


2. Probability says that you are suppose to lose, not win.


3. The house advantage over and above true odds is not considered
    to be cheating. Player have to accepted the vig as part of the


4. This means when you do win, you have defied the the odds of




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