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The Do's and Don'ts of Dice Playbook

The Only Dice Playbook You will ever Need!

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Within the pages of this playbook you will find a wealth of information that is presented in my Do’s and Don’ts of Dice™ class. A lot of what I teach is experiential however, and it is sometimes difficult to present on the printed page. In particular, the metaphysical elements that I teach are best learned, and experienced, in the casino. It is within a casino that most people will test their raw emotions and strengths, while exposing their weaknesses. My intention for teaching this information, however, has a greater purpose beyond the game of dice. The greater benefit, as you grasp the concepts, is self empowerment.


Playing 4Keeps™ means being the ultimate winner in the game of life.


I present these lessons with more than twenty-three years of experience playing craps, and with continued awareness of the metaphysical side to gambling. With this playbook you can speed your learning experience by choosing a straight course of action as well as adapting the principles of Playing 4 Keeps™. It’s just like in the casino, the choice is yours. Play or don’t play, take the P4K short cuts, or pay to reinvent your own “wheel”. Unlike many other methods on the market, the Do’s and Don’ts of Dice™ is a straightforward presentation. It is not a complicated concocted scheme with “sounds good” marketing ploys, unobtainable methods and strategies that only work on paper. What you have in your hands is the result of my years of research, study, and countless hours of successful play.

What is the premise of Playing 4 Keeps™? It's quite simple! You risk as little of your money possible, making the best bets, which have the least exposure to the house odds, and the best possible return on your money. You get the best bang for you buck Playing 4 Keeps™.

After All, It's Your Money...

Shouldn't You Be Playing 4 Keeps

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International Customers Purchase Here

$69.95 Plus International Shipping 


Playing 4 Keeps™ is a thorough method for playing craps. It is a strategic plan for consistent results that is mathematically based, with a secret advantage that only applied metaphysics can explain. This secret advantage is not taught or presented by any other gambling instructor. No other gambling instructor comes close to my research with the forces of energy, metaphysics, and their application in gambling.


My metaphysical training goes back some thirty-three years. Sixteen of those years were influenced by my association with Stuart Wilde during which time I was his business manager and student. Stuart Wilde is an internationally renowned metaphysician, lecturer, and author, with millions of books in print worldwide. My company, White Dove International, published the books and electronic recordings of Stuart Wilde. In addition, my wife and I produced Stuart Wilde’s seminars: Warriors in the Mist – eight day retreat, Warriors Wisdom – seven day retreat, Wilde Fire – three day men’s retreat, and Easy Money Mongolian Blackjack Seminar – three day retreat. These times of spiritual discipline and metaphysical studies gave rise to Playing 4 Keeps™ gaming programs. I choose to share my knowledge of winning, and the use of energy, as a way of enhancing and empowering the lives of other like minded individuals. Welcome to the game my friend!


  The Do’s and Don’ts of Dice™ Playbook comes 48 pages, 30,000 words, in a coil bound 8.5 x 11 book for easy studying. All the plays for both sides of the game, tables, charts, metaphysics, glossary and the math backing up the Do’s and Don’t of Dice™ strategy are compacted in this powerful playbook.$59.95 plus shipping.

  Now you can have the very same playbook provided in Michael Vernon’s Do’s and Don’ts of Dice™ workshop for about the price of one pass line bet with double odds.

After All, It's Your Money...

Shouldn't You Be Playing 4 Keeps™?



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