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Birds on a Wire


The concept of Turbo Thought was introduced by my o’l teacher, Stuart Wilde, when he published The Quickening. Turbo Thought is a metaphysical phenomenon. To put it simply, it is a person’s ability to move their “etheric body”. Why would someone want to do this? Quick answer, no good reason if that person is only interested in ordinary life and accepting experiences after they have manifest in this reality.

The millions of reader who have read The Quickening, know that there is more to life than what we are able to see. There is a whole other dimension, “out there”. It is possible for all of us to “perceive” and glean information, from the near future. So logically, “How do I tap into Turbo Thought,” should be your next question?

Back in the early days of Warrior’s Wisdom programs in Taos, New Mexico, Stuart would describe how to move etheric energy by practicing on a barking dog. Quite the barking dog, sight unseen, in the dark, a hundred yards away. If you have ever visited Taos, you know that here is no shortage of barking dogs. However, this is still a challenge because usually a dog is barking because something is scaring it. There are also anxious barking dogs. Anxious, perhaps, because the dog has been cooped up all its life and barking is their only way to express their grief. I believe that an anxious dog is easier to still. Push out with your etheric and hold the dog with one hand under its chin and one hand on top of the dog’s head. “Whispering” to the dog, “It’s okay boy, I’m with you, it’s okay, and you are safe.” It does not always work, but when it does, you will know you affected the barking dog. How? When you stop pushing the energy, the dog resumes barking. Been there and done that.

Today was a beautiful March day in Pueblo West, Colorado. Even if it hadn’t have been, I would have walked, my dog Mousse, across the prairie.

While walking down an arroyo, I noticed several birds on the wire. Telephone poles line the bank. About forty feet above the ground, the birds must feel secure from threats.I focused my attention on a small group of four birds trying to identify thetype of bird. In about two seconds, the birds flew off the wire. Hmmm, I wonder if I can make a game of this. Mousse paused to pee on a rabbit bush so I decided to “hit” another bird with Turbo Thought. Boo! The bird jumped up in flight almost immediately. His buddy birds remained on the wire. What a simple and easy way to experiment with etheric energy. Just go to your local park. The effect on the birds is harmless, except for a little jump in blood pressure, perhaps.

There are countless ways to practice moving energy. Next time you are standing in a line. Make the person at the front of the line scratch their ear. How? Just tickle it with your etheric energy. Boo!

By sharpening the sixth sense with sensory perception, I believe that a person begins the process of enhancing their perception of information from the metaphysical realm. It doesn’t take long before you experience knowing that you know, what you know, well ahead of when it actually happens, by tapping into another dimension. Fun? I think so.

The Professor P4K


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