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Dealers are People Too!


Hello Dice Setter, Love your website! I’ve read so many great articles on it. Just a comment here - keeping the dealers happy is so important. (I am a dice dealer) If players act disrespectful or arrogant you can bet we put out the “7 out” energy out there. Don’t laugh! Lots of times it works! Please don’t publish my name. I do like my job! Last thing… Dealers are people too, we work for our pay and we depend on players’ tokes to supplement our pay. Keep up the great work! 

DS: Thank for this bit…straight from the horse’s mouth. We are glad to have your input Mr. Dealer and hope you continue to visit and provide dice players with a dealer’s perspective. 

Too often, players forget that the dealers are providing a service to the players. They work hard keeping track of everyone’s bet. Press it up, move it to the eight, take it down two units, take me off, make my ten look like 50, make me work, cheques change, gimme, gimme…these are just a smidgen of the orders shouted at dealers, perhaps as many as six players at a time. (review table etiquette published at DS.com.) Keep it a friendly game. Be respectful and polite. Please remember to toke the Boys. Rule of thumb, 10-15% is very much appreciated.  

Ou, ou, ou! You see it’s true. Attitude in a game affects the energy. “Don’t laugh,” there are plenty of articles published in the DS.com newsletter explaining this very topic. Now, you have confirmation. So, here’s the thing. Tune into the energy of the game, ask, “Is this game worthy of my investment?” If the dealers are against the players, run don’t walk. Find a neutral game or better still, one with the Boys on your side. Get them on your side with the favor of a toke. 


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