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Up on Cripple Creek

Dice Busters go Fishing

You don’t know what you don’t know…so, who are you going to call?

During the June 25th Dice Busters™ experience, the focus was on, what else, winning! However, each program is unique and different to previous programs. Why? Well, the Three Amigos have countless years of combined experience equating an endless resource of dice playing strategies and knowledge. Sure we always have time to work on toss mechanics, betting, money management, stop loss, proper bankroll, and all the key components for successful play. Oh, don’t leave out this year’s theme, “notice all things” and take the gaming experience to a new level. That is to say, by observing the subtle signs prevalent during a game, it provides pieces of the puzzle, making up the bigger picture. Get the picture?

The game of craps is puzzling. You cannot force a hand attempting to make something happen just because you want it. A perfect example is the notion of having to be “the shooter”. Just because you spent hundreds of hours practicing in your basement with dice setting doesn’t make it so. Just as profound, you cannot approach the game as if you are buying a ticket for a carnival ride. Where’s that going to take you?

This year’s class of Dice Busters™ learned that they have the power to be in control of their game, maybe not the dice, but at least their game. All they had to do was to learn to notice all things present. Information in the physical realm as well as from the metaphysical realm delivers the pieces of the puzzle which makes up the complexion of any game. Do you know when to enter and exit a game? You can win them all as you learn to identify the right timing of events. Knowing how to apply the simple principles of reading metaphysical energy provides invaluable information that will keep you out of losing games. This assumes that you possess the discipline in your shoes to walk away from the games unworthy of your time and investment.

The morning kicked off with several kinesthetic and visual examples that demonstrated “right time, right place, with right action”. The boys agreed that it was better to be opened to new ideas rather than have the casino drag them by the nose to slaughter. After losing five black chips in fifteen seconds, they agreed to pay more attention and ask questions before investing blindly.

Throughout the morning’s lessons, the coaches reinforced the theme “notice all things”. The students learned how to identify pieces of the puzzle and relate the information to the game’s performance. They learned to ask, “Does this game support my approach to wining?”

Seat belts on?

Once the Dice Busters’ train leaves the station there is no stopping for breaks. Continuous teaching is the experience. Even during the catered lunch, active discussions along with students’ questions filled mouths as much as did the food.

After lunch a mock game took place allowing for more feedback on tossing and betting when needed. The students were at liberty to make the bets which they felt were supported in the game. Their observation of puzzle pieces provided the evidence from both the physical and metaphysical information. Results would be confirmed with profit or loss in the end.

The rolls during this session were recorded and students were asked to define the game.  “Piece by piece”, they explained their betting strategy and provided reasons for their strategy as well as their results. In short, the students were assessed for comprehension, sharing their knowledge and justifying their betting approach during the mock game.

They all made a profit during the mock session. Although the sevens were mostly within probability, a few sevens made their appearance on come out rolls. (Seven is our friend) There was also a window of opportunity when the seven went missing for 37 rolls.

Using the betting strategies provided that morning, the boys captured the opportunity automatically and rode the wave all the way to the beach. As the mock game began to wane, they wisely tightened up their game protecting profits having noticed all things and that the game was leading to shorter hands.

Let’s go fishing!

The program’s climax was a live session with coaches and students at a Las Vegas casino. I had to make a stop at the men’s room as did two of the students, Greg and Ray. After all, you never have to hurry to get into a game when you subscribe to right time, right place and right action. The rest of the class moved into the craps pit to find the “game” with coaches Beau and Deborah.

While in the men’s’ room, I could hear the casino music more clearly. Remember? Notice all things. The song was from the Band, Up on Cripple Creek. My attention sharpened to the lyrics, I took up all of my winnings, and I gave my little Bessie half”. I turned to Greg and said, “Hey! They are playing our song mate. We are going to hit a home run tonight!” Greg had missed the song, asking me what I was talking about. “Never mind, zip up your pants, were going to win, let’s go.

Back in the casino, Greg honorably offered to wait for Ray. I said, “No, you get over to the table, I’ll go back for Ray. Besides, he knows where the pit is, I showed him as we were coming in.”

Meanwhile, Deborah and Beau were using a trick that we teach, how to make a table look full using your “energy”. The others were all in position, Greg saddled up and Ray and I filled in the spots blocked by Beau and Deborah. Bingo, buy-in, let’s go!

I neglected to check my watch for the start time, so after a bit I sauntered down to the other end to ask Beau. Wow, we had been playing for an hour already and the dice were still at Beau’s end of the table. The dice were in the hands of only the fifth shooter. That should be the short version of the live session story. Our man Steve hit one over the fence with 40 rolls, five passes, and four to the Fire Bet. Steve broke the ice then a random shooter had a nice paying hand which was followed by another random shooter who challenged Steve’s magnificent roll.

After one and a half hours into the game, three others in our group took a turn at the dice, including myself. Greg hit two points, Ray collected one pass and I did the same. By then it was clear we had confirmation that we’d seen the best of this game and everyone colored up in profit.

After a one hour debriefing, answering questions, and a bit of celebrating, we said our good-byes and thanks to the students. We wished them good fortune and to contact us with any questions. Another successful Dice Busters’ campaign completed.

I don’t believe in accidents, coincidence or happenstance when it comes to right time, right place and right action. We walked right into a paying game. We went fishing up on Cripple Creek at the right time and collected with right action. The students were prepared for action and took advantage of the opportunity just as they had done in class.

You can win them all when you pay attention to the energy of a game. You can win them all when you observe puzzle pieces and get the bigger picture. You can win them all when you recognize a losing game and have the discipline to seek out better conditions before investing time and money. You can win them all when your intent is to be in the right place, at the right time, and employ the right action.

At Dice Busters™, we train winners! Who ya gonna call next year?

Michael Vernon


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