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Does Size Really Matter?


Hi,  I was recently playing craps in Las Vegas and notice different casinos use different size of dices. Have you noticed this, also there's not much difference but is there enough to make a difference. Also have you noticed it's better to play at an empty table so that when you throw the dice don't deflect of other people’s chips at the other end of the table which usually turns your number you might throw into a seven. Brian F.

 The Professor - P4K: Brian, yes you are correct in your observation of different sized dice. 

1. As far as probability, size will not affect the odds of outcome.

2. The difference in size would probably be noticed by shooters who set the dice. Certain players prefer to grip the larger 3/4 inch dice over the 5/8.

3. Playing at an empty table, half empty, half full or full, only matters when the game's energy is considered. I am not afraid to start a game playing by myself. Playing solo, you get to shoot a lot of dice fast. However, there is only one player to depend on to catch a hand. Pick the energy that supports your game.

4. Hitting the chips happens. However, if you practice at home tossing the dice, you should always make your landing zone part of your practice. Hand-eye coordination is crucial with delivery of the dice. You need to find the sweet spot for each table. That only comes with accurate placement of the cubes and consistency with location. Practice at home with chips near your landing zone. Don't look at the chips, look at your landing zone. If you look at the chips, you'll hit'em. Same thing when you are in the game.

5. The notion that hitting the chips draws out the seven is superstitious nonsense. Of course, if you believe in the superstition... then you will be getting your wish. It is better to believe in your skill and talent as a great shooter.

Here's a bit of info about casino dice, sizes and material. Dice

The Professor P4K


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