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Good Book

Picked up the Do's and Don't of Dice here at Dice Setter - Good book.  I was looking for a method to make regular bets without distracting my rolls. I have had some good rolls but never was able to take advantage of them. I also have seen some other players having good rolls but was too discouraged by previous table action to make good bets. 
The method of $5 pass line with double odds is great. I also used the 50% increase method and before I knew it I was comfortably betting $10 with $20 odds on a point of 10 and it hit. Nice. During that same game I noticed that the shooter was rolling a lot of inside numbers and decided to go with the 3 press on the 6 or 8. I started with $6 on each and when the 6 hit with $18 on it I took both bets down.  Perfect timing, the shooter ended up 7-out in a few more rolls.
Thanks again,
Ed P.

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