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It is No Surprise


A while back I took a drive with my daughter. A rare thing for me to share some time with her, considering her busy life. We drove up to Sipapu, it was a perfect fall day. Leaves were drifting down from the cottonwoods and landing in the Rio Pueblo. I took a lot of pictures as my daughter, and I reminisced about the times when her mother and I produced Warrior’s in the Mist, eight day seminar, for Stuart Wilde, in the Sangre de Christos Mountains, of northern New Mexico. 

During the drive, I mentioned that I wanted to help her find a bigger car that suited her needs. I floated the idea of something like a Ford Explorer. She had interest in Honda Pilot or similar Toyota model.  

Asian used cars are hard to come by in Taos, and chasing around the Internet, then having to go out of town, like to Santa Fe or Albuquerque, is a huge energy drain. Anyway, I had been focusing my thoughts visualizing an affordable solution. Something I could pay cash for and with low mileage, relative to age. 

During the discussion with my daughter, we agreed that there was no rush, just be optimistic, open to the idea of other cars, like the Ford. Less than a month later, one afternoon, with free time, I decided to take my dog for a walk. During the walk, I heard an intuitive whisper, with my free afternoon, it would be a good time to check the local car dealer’s inventory. During my online search, I discovered the dealership had just taken in a Ford Explorer with 61,000 miles, an Edie Bauer model. 

Over the many years experiencing the energy stuff, I've come to recognize a neat thing about it. The more I experience the miracles, the less I am surprised, and I simply accept the experience, “as it should be”. 

It is kind of like, “Well bud, you put it out there. You knew it would manifest. It did, so, what the hell. You got what you expected. Move on to the next thing.” 

“You can have anything thing that you want, except for one thing, you have to want it.”

If you want to increase your winning sessions, a change in your paradigm must take place to create a space for the shift in energy. Visualize what you want with a patient expectation that your intended affirmation will manifest. Living with applied metaphysics  is a life style. It is a dedicated function that you practice everyday, and strengthen it with conviction as you acknowledge your participation.

Copyright © 2022 – Michael Vernon

On Abundance

I want you to expect that things are going to sustain you. Why shouldn't they? Life sustains itself. Get use to beginning to work with your feelings so that you come out of a powerful energy, a feeling of abundance. That feeling of abundance has nothing to do with how much money you've got. Abundance is saying, "I feel rich in my feelings, I feel rich in the friendships I have, in the love I have, in my intellect; I feel abundant in nature, in the naturalness of all things; I feel strong, and the fact that I haven't got a pot to piss in is a mere aberration." Once you feel abundant you are bound to become it, and that's the secret! Stuart Wilde - The Secrets of Life


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