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Might as well Face it, You’re Addicted


Hi Michael,

Do you keep up with the advances with technology and gaming machines? I am old school and in my days, played slot machines with silver dollars. Boy, how modern times have changed slot machine play. What is your take on the future of the one-arm-bandits? Joseph / N.J. 

Hey Joseph, 

I do not keep up with the advancement of technology and gaming machines. However, I do recognize that the machines are more attractive with added technology. Some of the machines my aunt plays in Colorado, boggle my mind. She says she does not understand them, and it is probably not necessary with her usual results. However, with different amounts to bet and different outcomes with the spin, varied with the money wagered, manufactures of gaming machines are making slots machines more intriguing if not complicated for a new market of gamblers. 

Eventually technology will transform casino games from the live table games and “coin in” machines that we grew up with. The future will be devices with virtual reality, computerized to boggle the mind. 

I feel the market is ripe for more machine games. It is already happening with smart phones and social media. What I mean to say is, the training of consumers is well underway to become a more intrapersonal experience. 

The way technology promotes intrapersonal behavior with smart phones, has the owner’s consumed attention on a 2x3 inch screen. (Virtually in their own little world.) No doubt that gaming machines are evolving to meet the expectations of the high tech generation. It seems like a simple step to take people into on-line gambling. The same experience takes place when a player gets so wrapped up in gambling that they transcend into their own little world of the game. Intrapersonal consumption with technology, in my opinion, very much aligns with the mental illness of a gambling addiction. Not making a claim or diagnosis. Just my opinion. 

Enter the Twilight Zone 

Once critical mass is achieved, it would figure that control of the masses could be fairly simple to accomplish through the devices people are addicted too. 

Intrapersonal intelligence is explained as a person who is more comfortable learning alone, working alone, and reflecting and analyzing. This type of person is self-aware and in tune with their inner being. Also, relationships come under the scrutiny of analysis along with anything else promoting critical thinking.

Howard Gardner identified intrapersonal intelligence as one of the eight ways that children learn. Multiple intelligences relate to ways people learn. Children high with intrapersonal intelligence usually are self-directed and know what they want. High achievers and good at learning from their mistakes. They tend to prefer to work alone instead of in a group setting. Perfection may also be a trait. My point here is to look at how smart phone use, and gaming machines provide an environment conducive for intrapersonal personalities. My question is, can these devices influence intrapersonal behaviors to the point of addiction? Compulsive gambling is a known addiction. From what I have seen with smart phones, users are never without their devices being close at hand. It too seems to be an addiction.

Copyright ©2016 Michael Vernon 



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