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Not Too Tall


Sent Sunday, May 3, 2016 8:29 AM

 Dear Sir, 

I have been doing ok with my dice playing. Not to big yet, but by practicing every day and going to the casino ounce a week I have made a little profit. Last night I did ok picked about 500 but only by playing carefully and watching the other players. When I shoot I would make 3 or 4 numbers and break even. I then realized because I am 5-4 I can't avoid hitting part the mixing bowl.  

These are all small tables and maybe they are not wide enough. At the end I moved to the end of the table and had a fair roll. I was playing around with different grips. Do you think I should use the 3 finger front grip, or the two in front and 2 on the side? It is a long throw. I guess I must practice from the end more. 

Are the bigger table wider, or is this not reaching out far enough from stick right or lift always going to be a challenge? I am too old to get taller, so can you suggest any thing? I do believe in your web site. Maybe I will take a class sometime.

Thank you, Chet from Rochester N.Y. 

Hi Chet, 

Your grip should be what is comfortable for you. You may want to practice all the different grips at home at the kitchen table on a square piece of felt. Decide which grip is easiest for you, then do several tosses with that grip. After many trials, you should be able to identify the grip that best fits with your style of toss. Yes, practice. 

Chet, you are never too old to get taller. You could make a box out of wood with sides six inches high. Take the box to the casino and stand on the box when you shoot. Then you would be five feet and ten inches tall. See? Still growing! Add a slot in one end to serve as a caring handle and you are in like Flynn. Several craps players use a shooting box when they play. No big deal. 

For me, I use thumb and middle finger grip. I tried other grips and this one works for me. 

Thanks for your question! 

Ed Jones
Web Editor / www.dicesetter.com



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