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Taking a Break

Question: What is a DICE BREAK and when do we need one?

Answer: A former student, great friend and a dynamic shooter from the windy city of Chicago (whom many of you know by his signature HOP bets), once told me that "It's time for a dice break!".

All precision shooters, whether good, bad or ugly, all need a Dice Break from time to time. There are times when you get so emotionally wrapped up in the game, when things are just not working no matter what changes you make.

Times when the game is just not fun anymore, or when your concerns for your bankroll cloud your focus. That is when you need to take a time-out, or as my friend says - "A Dice Break".

Do some non-gaming activity, sit by the pool, read a book, maybe even do some sightseeing. Sometimes a few hours are all you need. But it could mean taking a few days, even weeks off, away from the games. Most importantly, don't stress yourself out to the point of burn out, or as some call it - HITTING THE WALL.

When things go that wrong for you, the game is over and so is your gaming career. Don't let that happen! Instead, simply take some time off to regroup, to refocus your thoughts and then ease your way back into this wonderful game of craps.

Mechanics are one thing. You practice these mechanics to prefect your game. And after you have mastered the mechanics, the rest of the game is 95% mental attitude. When the mental aspect is not working for you, it's time for that Dice Break.

No one likes to lose, but losing is a part of this game. Sometimes it just happens, no matter what you do or how hard you try. Talk about it but don't beat yourself up. And don't try to correct the problem by chasing your bankroll from one loss to another.

Just stop and take that Dice Break

The Dice Coach




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