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Strategy #12

Cold Table Bet – Anything But the 7 with a Don’t Pass!

Max Loss - $42  You have to have place bets hit at least once to minimize a loss.

(don’t use if LOT’S of 7’s are coming up.)

It is probably not too hard to find a cold table. Just walk around and look for lots of empty spaces at the table, and people with few chips in their racks. When you've found one, wait until a seven is rolled, and then bet $30 on the don't-pass. After the point is established, bet $10 on the 5, $12 on the 6 and 8, and, $5 on the field. It doesn't matter if any of these numbers are the point.

You will now win on ANY number, while you wait for the seven to show. As soon as the 6, 8, or 5 wins, TAKE THEM DOWN. This way you maximize your winnings as you wait for the shooter to seven out. You will only lose if the point number wins, and, hopefully, by then, your losses will have been covered.

On a very short roll, you will win. If the point is a six, for example, and the shooter rolls a eight and a seven, you win $14 for the eight and $30 for the Don't-Pass. Total win $44. You lose your 5,6, and two field bets for a total of $32, so you're ahead by $12. You also win on long rolls, too. For example, say 6 is still the point. The next rolls are, say, 4,5, 10, 8, 3, and 7. You win $5 on the four, $5 on the five ($10 - $5 field), $5 on the ten, $14 on the 8, $5 on the 3, and $30 on the 7, total win is $64. You lose your bets on the 6 and three field bets, so the total lost is $27. Total win is $64 - $27, or $37.

Now, look what happens when the point is made. The same six is the point again, and the rolls are almost the same, 4,5,10,8,3, and, this time, a six. You win $5 on the 4, $10 on the 5, $5 on the 10 ($10 - $5 field), $14 on the 8, $5 on the 3, and $14 on the 6. Total won is $53. Your loss, $30 on the don't-pass line, plus three field loses, still gives you a profit of $8!!

This method obviously is not for hot tables. If the shooter throws his point in one or two rolls, you will lose. If this happens to you twice, just change tables. You'll find a better, colder table somewhere else. Of course, if the table does change, you can change too, from being a "wrong" bettor to a "right" bettor. Try placing just the six and eight for $12 each, and a field bet of $5. Then, as each number hits, take them down. If two seven-outs occur, go back to the "cold table" procedure above.

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