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Strategy #13

 $34 inside

Basic Gist: No Pass Bet, wait 2 rollers who throw at least 2 inside numbers, then put place bets on the 5,6,8,9.

Max Loss: $34

There are two ways to play this system based on how the table is running. You determine this by how many inside numbers are being thrown on average whether its 1-3 or 3-5. Chart the table before you jump in.

Have at least two different shooters in a row throw at least two inside numbers. If one shooter throws fourteen inside numbers then sevens and the next guy/gal throws a 2,11,10,8,3,4 and then sevens out you cannot play yet. When the chart is successful you jump in:

Bypass the come out

Place the six and eight for $12 each and the five and nine for $5 each.  If the first throw after the point is a five or nine you regress both the six and eight to $6 each and leave the five and nine at $5 each.  Second hit take everything down if the shooters you charted were only throwing on avg. 2 or 3 insides. If they were throwing more come down on the five and nine.  You now have a $2 profit and $12 on the table. 

Next hit on the six or eight, place the five and nine. You are now risking a dollar to win $28 with one more hit.  Down on everything after that fourth hit. If the first throw is a six or eight I would regress both to $6 each and leave the five and nine up, take two more hits on any combination then down until a profit of $50 is reached (2 successful series)   You can come down on the five and nine if the table has been cold and just wait for another hit on the six and eight before coming back up on the five and nine.

NOTE:  If at anytime two shooters in a row seven out before getting any hits you must stop playing until the table has been charted again. If when you jump back after a successful chart and you get whacked leave the table. 

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