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Strategy #16

The Bdalt System

Basic Gist: Complicated, requires large bankroll, but probably can be adjusted for small bankroll.

Max Loss: $150
1. To keep the casino advantage (house edge) as low as possible, I prefer to play at casinos that offer 10 times odds on their craps tables


2. I usually buy in for $2,000. My loss limit is 1/2 of my buy in (usually $1,000). If I'm only willing to lose a maximum of $1,000, why buy in for $2,000? There are 2 reasons: First, for me there is the psychological reason. If I'm down $700 or so and had only bought in for $1,000, the few black and green chips I had left in my rack would appear naked and puny to me.

And the overall losing feelings I had would become even worse. Even though I'm getting close to the point of quitting, I don't want to have the losing feeling that one gets when playing with very few chips.

That may not make sense to some, but I like to always have a decent amount of chips in my rack. The second reason is the effect $2,000 buy ins have on comp ratings. 

3. The Bdalt System calls for 1 line bet (usually $5) with 10 times odds. It is followed up on the next roll with the same denomination come bet. Only one come bet is played at this point.

4. If either of those 2 numbers are hit, I reduce the odds on the remaining number by 1/2. In this example, the odds would be brought down to $25 ($30 if a five or nine is the remaining number).

What are the odds that I'll make one of the initial 2 numbers? If the 2 numbers are 4 and 10, I have 6 chances out of 36 of catching one of them. If the numbers are 5 or 9, I have 8 chances out of 36 of catching one of them.

And if they are 6 or 8, I have 10 chances out of 36 of catching one of them. The chances of a 7 are 6 out of 36. So probability has it that most of the time I'll catch one of the 2 numbers before a 7 comes up. 

5. After a win on one of the two numbers, I'll progress to a line bet and two come bets - and I'll regress to only 5 times odds on all bets. The reason the odds have been reduced from 10 times to 5 times is because I want my winnings on the earlier winning number to fund most of the money I have at risk on the table. Many times, after I've had my first number win from the shooter, he will seven out before I'm able to make the follow-up come bet. If this happens, I'm ahead and working on the casino's money.

If initially the number that he hit (repeated) for me was a 4 or 10, I would have been paid a total of $105. If the number was a 5 or 9, my pay back would be $80. I would receive $65 if the number was 6 or 8. After winning on that first number, my money at risk on the table (if the roll has lasted long enough to establish the 3 bets) would amount to $90 for one $5 line bet with $25 odds and two $5 come bets with $25 odds on each (unless a number was a 5 or 9 where we would have $30 odds).

So, my win on the very 1st number hit goes a long way to funding those 3 follow-up bets. If I hit any of these 3 numbers I'm ahead. And of course, if more numbers are repeated, it's even better.

What do I see as the advantages of the Bdalt System?

1. The win from the first number hit either completely covers my future bets for that shooter or goes a long way to doing so.

2. After that win the Bdalt System calls for another come bet, giving a total of one line bet and two come bets. It will remain this way until the shooter sevens out. By adding that second come bet, I'll have half the board numbers covered which will give me greater participation in any hot roll.

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