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Strategy #3

Anything But Seven (similar to iron cross, strategy # 14 but w/no pass line bet)

Goal: To win on any number thrown except a Seven. 

Basic Gist: Cover all possibilities except for a 7 DO NOT LEAVE UP FOR MORE THAN 1 OR 2 HITS! – Max Loss $39  Best if used when point is 5, 6, or 8.

Note: If you want to stay in the action, put up a pass line bet, but don’t put up odds until you take down some of your place bets.

Don't place any bets on the Don't Pass or Pass Line, but wait until a point has been established.

Place two units on 5, 6, & 8.

Place one unit on the Field.

Results: This method is a little riskier than some strategies, since your total monetary risk is: $39.00. Therefore, it is suggested that you remove all bets after three rolls.

Should the shooter hold the dice for at least three rolls, you will stand to win anything from $15.00-$27.00(more if the numbers 2 or 12 are rolled).

Behind The Strategy: The average roller rolls the dice 5 times before rolling a 7.

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