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Strategy #6

The safest bets in the house.

Basic Gist: 1 pass line with odds.

Max Loss - $15

If you need more for your money, this is also a great way to spend time at a craps table. You can bet it as a shooter or a stander. Either way it should give you good odds all around, but does require a good shooter to really make you some money.

1.       Bet the passline along with a new shooter and establish a point.

2.       Take full house odds on that number. (Never more than 10 times odds and only when there is one hell of a shooter. If you are unsure of your shooter, go 2 times odds and stop.)

3.       Let it all ride to the point or the seven out.

4.       Another option to this is to keep tossing a minimum bet on the come bet while the shooter shoots, but sooner or later, EVERYONE sevens out. You should wait for a really hot shooter before putting your money on this one.

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