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Strategy #7

Progressive / Regressive

Basic Gist: No Pass Bet, $12 on the 6 & 8 after come out. Adjust bet after hits.

Can be as high as $48 - $72 or more. (it’s fairly conservative but potentially profitable)

These methods lets you pull the most profit off the table before a seven shows.
One way is to start with $12 on both the six and eight. You win one of the bets and you tell the dealer take the six and eight down to $6 each. You win again and say same bet. You can press either bet after the third win.

Another way is to press your place bets after every other hit. When the shooter makes the point you can cut back the amount on your place bets.

For example: You worked your place bet on the six to $60 and the eight to $24. After the shooter makes the point you can tell the dealer to make your six and eight look like $12 each. ( or any dollar amount that you are comfortable with ) What you are trying to do is pull as much profit off the table as you can before the inevitable seven shows up.

Moderate risk and conservative style of play. This method is good for a hot and choppy table.

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