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Strategy #9

 Hedge Hog System – Good for a cold to choppy table

Basic Gist: Bet the Don’t Pass Line with odds AND 2 place bets.

Maximum Loss – about $22, you won’t lose much with this method

This is a variation of a Don't Pass "HEDGE" system You start with a $10 don't pass bet.
After the come out  roll make a place bet on the six and eight for $6 each . Take the money from the first hit on either of these numbers.

** This is the most important part, as this will now guarantee you a profit regardless what happens.


If the shooter sevens out at this point you will lose your $12 place bets. You have already collected $7 from the first hit and will collect $10 from your don't bet for a profit of $5.


The second time your place bet hits you place the 5 and the third time it hits you place the 9. From this point on you "HOG" any profits from your place bets.


Any time a shooter makes his point you ride out all the existing place bets. Do not  place any more numbers or make another Don't bet on this shooter.


If the shooter throws a 7 or 11 on the come out, pass on this shooter. If you lose on three shooters in a row you find another table or quit.


Lets look at what can happen with this system:




Before the first hit you loose your $12 place bets but collect the $10 Don't bet for a loss of $2.


After the first hit you are plus $5.


After the second hit you are plus $7. ($7 from the first hit, $2 from the second hit and $10 for the don't bet minus the $12 place bet)


After the third hit your are plus $9. ($7 plus $2 plus $2 and $10 for the don't bet minus the $12 place bet)




Before the first hit, you are minus $10.

After one hit you are minus $3. (You collected $7 from your place bet but lost $10 don't bet)


After second hit you are minus $1. (You collected $7 plus $2 minus your $10 don't bet)


After third your are plus $1. (You collected $7 plus $2 plus $2 minus your $10 don't bet)


REMEMBER: You still have your place bets and will ride them out, taking any profit.




The shooter makes his point right away then Sevens out immediately after establishing his next point.


You are MINUS $22. By quitting after three loses in a row, you can try this with a minimum bankroll of $75 dollars.


Strategy 9-A

A more aggressive (and dangerous) Hedge System: The Inside hedge system

 $225 is the minimum bankroll. You begin this system just before a come out roll. You put down $75 somewhere in front of your friendly base dealer and request;"$51 no 4(or 10, your choice) and $12 each place 6 and 8. If the dealer asks if the 6 and 8 work, tell him no.

 When 7 rolls on the come out, the 6 and 8 are safe but the lay bet against the 4(or 10) wins $25 and you must pay a dollar to keep the bet up. Once a point is established, the place bets win $14 every time they hit. If you have made a profit on the place bets, you now have the option of taking down the lay bet against the 4(or 10) and playing a progression on the 6 and 8's or
sticking it out until 7 out.

 A killer 7 at this point loses your $12 each 6 and 8 (a loss of $24) but if the lay is still there, it wins $24 ($25 minus $1 for the vig) making it a push.

 If the 4(or 10, whichever you lay) rolls, you of course lose that bet. You can of course bet it again to recoup your loss, only you would have to win double. You can always bet double one time and then regress. That would be $150 in action. $102 no 4(or 10) and $24 each place 6 and 8. If you hit 7 on the come out or two hits on your place bet, you can go back to the $75 action.

 When 6,7 and 8 are rolling a lot, this system can easily profit. After two stings on the lay bet, it's probably best to make a change.

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