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Private Craps Lessons with the Dice Coach of Las Vegas   

Are you Playing 4 KeepsŪ, meet the Professor.

You will want to have his playbooks for craps and blackjack.
Do's and Don'ts of Craps and Blackjack for Winners.

Take your game to the next level.
After all, it's your money.
Shouldn't you be Playing 4 KeepsŪ?


Axis Power Craps

Heavy's Axis Power Craps website and forum. Questions about betting, setting, or tossing the dice, this is the place to be. Home to some of the top players of the game, Heavy's Axis Power Craps Forum forum is the on-line place to go with your questions about influencing the dice.

Other Recourses for Your Information

lol Craps - Learn and Play Craps On-line We will try to provide the best possible guide to casino craps and we will strive to become the largest and most informative resource for craps on the interne

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In-Vegas.com Natural Shooter
Las Vegas Visitor The Craps Pit
Las Vegas Visitor's Bureau Craps Pit At Star Chip Enterprises
Las Vegas.com Eye On Gambling
Better-Betting.com The Wizard of Odds


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