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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


I think maybe JZ mentioned it in a thread. He spoke of how he had a poor practice session after, having difficulty getting the kids to bed etc. I CAN RELATE! Trying to focus and center myself after a long day at work and then the usual nighttime headaches (kids baths etc.) can be VERY difficult. But I figure if I can concentrate and get zoned in at perhaps the worst part of the day, then I should be able to overcome any diversions the casino throws my way.

I've been working on a routine to chill out.... what are you all doing to mentally prepare for practice and casino time?


A Zen focusing and centering excercise not unlike the method actors use to get "into" a character or professional fighters use prepare mentally for a bout.Plus an hour's practice beforehand throwing the dice.


Just reading all the great articles on this site helps me a lot mentally while im practicing or at the casinos!!

I always read the articles on this site and the message board before i play at the casino in hopes of finding a different technique or new idea which will help improve my game. It works wonders for me .

I dont have kids (so I dont know the joys or burdens of parenthood)but I find that listening to music while Im practicing or heading to the casinos helps me concentrate. Having a good song or beat in my head helps me block out all the noises in the casino .


My practice box (newly finished and picture due soon) is in by basement under the primary "yelling and screaming" and TV area. The practice area is generally very quiet, unless there is activity upstairs. Since the PARR weekend, the family has finally figured out when they can't find me anywhere, that's where I am. They are usually too lazy to go down and get me, so they scream at me from above or stamp their feet. That's my version of casino "heat".


So if you want to make it realistic, when you get to a roll that is say is 20 in length have the wife come down and glare at you from the end of the box while you continue to shoot. You could also have the kids hit you with the broom handle and swat at the dice in the air with it.

That's what I would call simulation "heat"!

Good Luck with the practice.

The Man In Black

Personally, I like to have as many distractions as possible going while I am practicing. The television, radio, dishwasher, fans, whatever else. If you can bloack out all of these things and can still focus, you shure can do it at a casino, especially if you're a nightshooter like me when no one is there.

May the dice be with you, always...


I do most of my real playing when I am away from home (business travel has its advantages), so it is easier to start and stay focused when I am away from home.

At home, if work has been a nightmare and the bath and bed routine has been worse, then I don't even try to go into the practice room.

If I do, it is after busying myself for about one or two hours first. Then it is easier to focus.

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