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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Topic: Crossed Sixes


am i the ownly one having problems with the crossed sixes? every time i use them to try to make a 5 or nine i 7 out if i throw
that set 4 times i get 3 sevens i don't know what I'm doing wrong and body have any ideas. thanks in advance


Bigkahnman    I have practiced the crosssixes and I still just can't get a good consistent precision roll ,even with any set. I
may go back to random rolling and see how that does.  
Dylanfreak (getting frustrated)

Mad Professor

Big K M,

You are not the only one who has been plagued by the 6-T quick 7-Out Flu!  Your throwing technique is producing that rash, but it's okay...there is a solution.

(i)  If you don't change anything else about your throwing, then,

(ii)  On the Come-Out throw, you can use the Crossed-Six (6-T) set to produce more 7's, based on your current results.

(iii)  Once your point has been established, try using the All-7 set.  Again, this is based on your CURRENT methods.

(iv)  It sounds like the dice are going off-axis with a high degree of regularity.  If that is the case, then,

(v)  Try slowing down the speed and force of your throw.  It makes does make a HUGE difference.

(vi)  If you DO actually slow down your throwing energy to the lightest possible toss, then I would recommend the 3-V set.

(vii)  You may want to ensure that you are "comfortable" using your current grip.  One thing that I find with any number of
grips, is that, while they seem to grasp the dice in an ideal set-up, my hand just doesn't FEEL right.  When that is the case,
success has always eluded me.  When I change to something that FEELS right, my success increases dramatically.  It may be psychological, or it might be physical.  

(viii)  When my throwing loses its edge, I go back to the very basics of the idea.  That is Set, Grip, Focus, Target Area,
Force, Trajectory and Roll-Out.  It seems like a lot things to work on, but then, the rewards are there for those who are
dedicated enough to get there.  You can relate it to just about anything else in life that is worth persuing.  If it was easy,
everyone else would be successfully doing it.


Giving up your efforts is the reason most people don't think that Precision-Shooting works.  They abandon their efforts too early.  It takes a lot of effort and determination to make serious money in this world.  If that is one of your goals, then keep on
practicing.  Random-Rolling is the reason B. Dylan would say that there is so much "blood on the tracks".

Good Luck -&- Good SKILL at the Tables.



HMMMM  I dunno about you guys but the crossed6 set gives me a lot of fives and nines. MP pretty much said everything about throws and grips, but have you tried detting the dice with the 5,4 or 3,2 facing you on the cross 6 set?? I find this makes a big difference and helps me nail those 5 and 9 pretty quickly. Good Luck!!


All dicesetters must realize that the reason to set any of the seven avoidance sets is to prevent a seven out.These seven
avoidance sets all use the same princapal,have only one seven combination in the on axis set.To accomplish this you choose a pair of numbers and put only that pair in rotation.It doesnt matter whether its the sixes,(crossed sixes)fives(mini v)or the
fours(flying v).All of these sets aviod the seven,but have different primary numbers that they will produce when kept on axis.
If you set the dice with the pair surfaces up,and throw the seven you have kept one dice face up and turned the other upside
down.It doesn't matter which pair you put face up the dice WILL add up to seven.If you are throwing the seven and it is not
showing that with the combination that has that pair in it then the dice have gone off axis,and it wont matter which pair you
have set on the top.I "double pitch" the top surfaces on a regular basis that is why I set the pairs facing me,I dont know why I dont" double pitch" the vertical surfaces as much by thats what happens in my toss.



What is "double pitch"?


In flight jargon you have three attitudes,pitch ,yaw and roll.Double pitch refers to one die pitching(forward roll)two more times than the other die.  Flying V,threes up,toss,dice shows 4/3 the die that shows 4 has double pitched.180 degrees more than the die that shows three.This is what happens when you seven out and the dice are still on axis.

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