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Practice Table - Felt Installation Ideas

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


Any ideas on the (best) - (any?) - method the attach the felt to the table base?? - I think I may try spray adhesive - but I am open to better ideas and/or experience.


I have recently decided that the felt that is available from your local fabric store is not suitable for table cover. I am getting some high quality wool felt (75% wool 25% nylon) used for pool tables.

The best way I have found is to attach it to the edge of the base and to stretch it and staple it to the edge of the base. My table walls fit over the base so it might be a problem if the walls were attached to the base.

I have tried a double layer of felt but that tends to make for a lot of bounce.


Ditto on the stretch and staple. That's how I did mine. Seen it done in the casino once - and no adhesive was used. In the instance I witnessed (3am and they're breaking the table apart to re-cover it) there was no underlay, either. Just felt over board. But I understand that some casinos use a thin sheet of foam beneath the felt.


I am real interested in what kind of underlay they are using.

I was at Paris on early am when they were refelting the table and it appeared a dark underlayment was on the table. It looked like a rubbery material.

Anyone have any idea as to what it is?

I have tried a sheet of newspaper as well as brown kraft paper both seem to firm. An extra layer of felt seems to bouncy.


The underlayer is another casino object that is different in every casino. What I have seen was a very dense foam underlayer not unlike what they place under carpeting. Foam like in appearance and 1/4 to 3/8 thick. Somewhat like packing material I thought. Very hard to find, but I did run across some very thin non slip carpeting material. You may have to experiment with what works best.


In many casinos they are using a piece of heavy flannel, not felt or rubber. You can find it at any of the fabric shops. It provides a bit of protection to the felt layout so that dice edges do not tear into the felt as much. Some places use a thicker flannel so the surface feels thicker and "cushier". It actually will take some of the energy off your dice as they fly into the surface. If they use really thick flannel then the table seems bouncy.


DiceDoctor; Ah, I see you noticed that too.. I purchased the same thing for my new one as well, even though it still is in the bag.. Changed mind though on board to put it on.. Many different choices though, at most Wal-Mart stores, if one has no fabric/craft shops around, where you live... Also of note, Wal- Mart also handles a very thin, 1 foot square hard rubber sheet type stuff that could be used underneath to get a more bouncy effect.. If the covering is stapled or maybe pinned on one side it would be quite easy to put some in, and remove again for different type table practice, no glue would be needed...

7th Wave

I have yet, to find any 2 tables that play/react the same, similar yes, the same no.. If you can make up a practice table that is in the ballpark, I think that you will be alright.. The practice alone is a big plus, and the more of it the better.. We as players/shooters are never exactly the same from day to day, nor is anything else involved.. So just getting the practice time in with something reasonable should be well worth it.. Even "IF" one could afford to have a "Real" table, it is still not going to be, nor react the same as all of the tables you will play on.. So just go for a "Close As" feel for a practice table and let it go at that...


See a lot of folks trying to get as close as possible to tables they play on. Me, I'm cheap. Even with bad ears, I have listened a number of times to the sound the dice make as they strike the table. Bounce or lack of is of concern because of both table and dice dynamics. Frequency I feel also plays a part in the methodism of reproduction of table surfaces. Me, I use a piece of 1/2 inch sheet rock covered with an old fender cover of some sort of felt. I tape edges of sheetrock before covering to stop leaching of residue. Have used table for 3 or more years and still works great. Cost........little to nothing. Made from scrap material.

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