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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

 Topic: N' Other Grips

Post Date: 9/21/2001 10:08:11 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Linaway
Slogan: Why "R" blasted dice changing axis in flight

Hey Irish, noticed your posting of 2 finger toss located in other grips. I have been using this grip for some time with left or right hand with some success.

There is still another. Placing dice one in front of the other is an alternative method grasping dice at joint with thumb and 1st or 2nd finger. [My personal favored grip] You don't have the steering ability with thumb as you do on the side by side set, however it is a great alternative for a flat throw.

I've found as you pick up dice, you can literally squirm dice between grasping finger and thumb to provide a very small gap. What this does for you is to circumvent bucking when dice strike table surface. While thumb action for forward or reverse rotation is missing, you can tip dice on a forward or reverse slight angle which influences whether front or rear die strikes table first/last or together. Tilt angle is determined by your personal trajectory of toss.

On a recent outing, I noticed that this tilting was effective for killing dice roll on a fast table [very active].

I like to choose grips, sets whether side by side/front back based on production of throws and my influence over table dynamics inclusive of dice density. Lively tables and or dice density influences can cause unwanted tumbling before dice come to rest.

Then there is the ultimate reason for my using only a 2 finger grip. Sticky, sticky, sticky dice brought on by handling of chips by others, sweaty/dirty hands or any other influence that puts grime on the dice. The thought is the more fingers used in a dice grip, maybe the greater the influence of not maintaining your preset axis as a result of sticky dice and fingers. I also use a gentle grip, not a firm grip. Its easier to release. I've been known to take a folded paper towel to tables with me to wipe hands on. To date, I have never gotten any flack from pit critters.

Post Date: 9/21/2001 4:48:18 PM (Pacific USA) P4K


I might give your grip a try sometime. I find though that if I change grips, even in experimentation (practice), I screw up my regular grip. Then it takes a couple hours of practice to get my consistency back. That's one reason I do not alter my grip while at the tables.

Post Date: 9/22/2001 4:31:40 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: 7th Wave

Humm, you just touched on one of my pet pevees, sticky dice.. Ugh.. Nothing like one die half sticking to your finger to ruin a throw..
Kind ofike you I zip off to the mens room wash my hands good, n then grab an extra dry paper towel to put in my pocket.. So far no flack for using it either, however have wondered just what would happen if a little baby powder were to be poured on it.. Would we then be shot at the stake ?? Sure used to help the ole cue sticks out when I played pool..
I also agree, dirty chips, n drinks transfer to the dice to make them sticky..

Post Date: 9/22/2001 5:32:30 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: DiceDoctor

I keep a small alcohol wipe in my pocket. I wipe my finger tips inconspiculously between tosses. The alclohol evaporates immediately. You can get boxes of the small packets at any CVS or Walgreens. Or swipe them from your local rib joint!

Post Date: 9/22/2001 9:08:16 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Linaway
Slogan: Why

7Th Wave and DiceDoctor and Irish, good chatter. Myself [just because it's handy], will use a little corn starch impregnated into a good paper towel, shake of residual. It's embarrassing to pull towel out of your pocket and white residue sprinkles all over area in front of you. The harder you attempt to wipe it up, the worse it gets.

On a recent outing, stick was in my face about getting both dice to the back wall. I mentioned dice being so sticky, release was a problem. To my surprise, the box man said he would wipe them down. I declined knowing he was going to just use a towel without washing dice which I felt would just smear residue around and mess up what little rhythm I had going with the delay.

Now here is a curious thing, at my habitual casino haunt, a great number of the pit critters know me on a first name basis. That is as of 3 months ago. Just recently, I noticed a lot of new table worker faces and not so many of the older ones. Suggesting a big work force turn around or rotation.

During a late night session, I over heard box talking to one of the dealers near me. The bits of conversation I picked up on related to extensive training they would be going through.

I normaly have no problem with older crew and dice not hitting wall, but this trip, everything had to be just so-so for these folks. Newer ones that is. The next day, was on a table where box and I were well acquainted and visited extensively. When I got the dice and again maybe one would hit wall and the other near by, the stick again was in my face. On subsequent rolls, the box which I knew for some time followed up on stick ragging on me and again said, get both dice to the wall.

Reflect back on earlier conversation I over heard about training. Started putting the puzzle together. Part of my next remark is fact and part assumption. It would seem that the managers are after their people to lean heavily on players incorporating all the house tricks to glean optimum earnings. All rules would be absolutely adhered to.

During a rather nice run at dice, I put the boys up for a nice toke or 2. Didn't make any difference, they were still in my face about hitting the wall. The assumption part is that I wonder if slower traffic because of economy is cramping their profit margin causing the enforcement of rules.

DiceDoctor, nice to hear from you again. Hope suggestions offered at other site helped your situation regarding notoriety.

Post Date: 9/23/2001 8:21:36 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: 7th Wave

Sounds as though you are starting to get the same complaints as I have been getting from one boxman where I normally play.. However, when I shoot and he is there I make sure both die hit the wall, and still catch heck.. Yet other craps wannabe's they say nothing too... GRrrr..
Also, will give both yours and dice doctors "sticky dice cures" a try, thanks for passing them along..
Best rolling to all !!
7th Wave

Post Date: 9/23/2001 9:15:36 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Bob S
Slogan: Bob's Yer Uncle

An addition to Dice Dr. I too carry the alcohol wipes. Also, I wear faded blue jeans and rub a small amount of talcum into the material on the top of the thighs of the jeans. You can't see it, and in between throws, I run my fingertips over my jeans to keep them dry.

Post Date: 9/26/2001 11:50:04 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: fred leong
Slogan: rhythm dice setter

When the stick man bugs me to hit the wall, I ignore them on the first warning.
After the 2nd warning, I take my 2-way toke bet down so he gets the msg. Usually works especially early in the morning when there are only 2 or 3 people shooting.

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