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How Much Time To Set the Dice?

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


When I'm in the casino and have the dice, I always feel rushed to set the dice and throw them so I don't hold up the game. In doing so the dice don't stay on axis and end up all over the place.
 So I timed myself to see how long it takes me to set the dice and then to take my time and throw them.
To set the dice it took me-- 6 to 8 seconds
and to throw them           --6 to 8 seconds
Total time, between   --12 and 16 seconds

Should it take less or more time to set the dice? I would like to know so I know how much time I have, so I don't feel rushed at the table.

Mickey D

I know what you mean about feeling rushed! I felt the same way when I first started setting, and I felt the eyes of the world were on me,  and it didn't help being nervous and shaking a bit while trying to arrange the set!!! The good news is that the more time you're at the tables, the sooner you'll feel at ease while setting.
So, does how much time you take to make a throw matter? In over eight years of playing craps watching non-precision shooters going through their rituals and gyrations I have never once heard a box man ask or tell someone that they were playing too slow!  What I do see is the box man signalling to the stick to get the dice back to a shooter ASAP if he feels the game has slowed down.

You just take your time, the speed will come in very short order.



As a total amount of time, I don't think you're slowing down the game.  But if you could shorten the amount of time it takes to get the dice into the configuration you want and grip them, then you would have an extra second or two to zone in find your landing zone and concentrate.  The more you practice, the more quickly you'll be able to setup and grip the dice.  The zoning in is what separates the men from the boys though.


Howdy All,

One other thing that I've seen shared here that helps "speed up" the time from getting the dice to releasing them is to watch and study the dice while they are still out in the middle of the layout. That way, we already know what face(s) need to be adjusted for the set we wish to use...........


I agree with Irishsetter and aeiou.  Shorten your set time by studying the dice before they get to you.  You really want to work toward being able to set the dice in 1 second.  An almost imperceptible turn and possible flip of 1 die as you move them to your gripping position.  The less setting the pit critters can see the better off you will be, and the less heat will be applied in a long roll.  Once you begin to grip them I have seen players take an eternity to throw the dice and not get heat.  You have bought yourself that extra few seconds to zone in on your toss.


I look at the dice before they are passed to me also so I know what to do quickly.  It works except when the stick man tumbles the dice over to you.

They (stick) also usually put them too close to the wall for me so I have to move them out a bit so I can see at least two sides.  I always play from SR or SL.  Having them too close to the wall does not allow me to see two sides of each dice at once.  I'm not sure if they are doing it on purpose or not.


One method to quickly realize what is on the faces of the die when setting is to realize that the opposite sides of the die always add up to 7.

If you see a 5 the opposite side has a 2, 4's opposite would be 3 or vice versa, or 6 would be1.

Realizing this should speed up your setting the die, and bring the time down to a couple of seconds.


I also keep a pair of dice on my desk at work; when I'm on the phone, I randomize them and re-set them. I've gotten a lot faster since I've done that, and learned to do it while distracted--I don't like to look too intent at the table.


Kelly's suggestion for practice is great. I carry dice in my briefcase to just handle them when I drive. As you are watching TV you can practice setting. Irish is right with trying to eliminate some time a second or two. I played about 6 months ago with Shaprshooter and another instructor and a new PARR player at the the Plaza in downtown LV. The new guy took time and we were all told that we were done for the night by the floor person so you can be asked to stop or to speed up your delivery. I am telling you though if you practice just the setting of the dice away from the table you will eliminate time from the whole process.


I hope the dice you are referring to aren't the fuzzy ones hanging from your rear view mirror!   

I also keep them almost everywhere. At my desk at home, at the office, in the car to handle while waiting in traffic, next to the bed. I'm always playing with them, picking them up, checking my grip.

As I've practiced more at my table, I've gotten a better feel for the dice, knowing how to pick them up quickly and getting the faces adjusted properly. The more comfortable they feel, the better you'll throw them.


Thanks for all the replies. Well since I lost my bankroll last week, I'll have plenty of time to practice for next month. I did go and watch other people shoot the dice and counted how long they where taking. They were not taking any longer then I was. Maybe 1 or 2 second faster or slower. But I will practice setting faster so I'll have more time to shoot.


Dam Old Age---I used to fondle women --now I fondle dice----At the craps table while I am shooting I try to be oblivious to everything around while shooting ---I concentrate on the dice and keep my eyes on them-----and try not to think about anything the dealer or box is saying---or cockytail waitresses or those dam guys getting their bets down so slow---Dylanfreak (not a young stud like golfer or vowels)



I sorta like that "young stud" stuff! Reckon you could call my wife and let HER know that?? She thinks I'm beginning to become "an old fart".......

Back to the setting stuff----I too have begun to pay more attention to others at the table. Compared to many of the "schoolers"(tossing the dice against the wall a few times to teach them something) and the "movers and shakers", my time from getting the dice to my release is lightning quick!


Hey DF,

My wife thinks I'm a dud.  After you call vowel's wife can you call mine?

I have tried recently for a quick pick up and found that the results ain't bad.  I don't really have a need for it as I never get heat.  Of course lately why would they give a Point 7 specialist like me heat?  Been practicing a lot.  Really getting a feel for the for the parallel 6's (all 7 set). 

Can't wait til I get a chance to play and get that red hopping.


Sorry to hear about the bad week.  Keep at it.  Let's see how June shapes up.

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