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Out of left field - Warming Up

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.



I thought it a little over the top in Yuri's book when he spoke of warming up exercises before going to the tables. (Deep knee bends, that sort of thing).

Recently, just before my son goes to bed, I've been playing PLAYSTATION games with him. (Once the kids are in bed, I can go out in the garage and practice) What I've found is all that button pushing on the playstation games REALLY DOES get the blood flowing in my fingers and that my dice practice sessions have been much more productive..... Food for thought.


To irishsetter:

Great observation.

What type of finger, (hand, wrist and/or arm) exercises can someone perform if they do not have a play station? Especially in a casino hotel room? Also, do you believe that a regular work out will improve a shooters game?

It seems as if I recall reading the Mad P. worked out 1 hour every other day while at the casino.

I believe that my game will improve if I improve my health, stamina, endurance level, healthy body weight, etc., since fatigue causes me to loose discipline, (along with the headache that comes from the cigarette smoke in the casino...even at the no smoking side of the table...the smoke travels.)

Jon G

Pick up a GRIP MASTER at any music store (start with the BLUE color) It's mainly used by musicians -- bass -&- guitar -- but I currently use it to advance my DJ skills as well as a nice warm up for a session.


To Jon G.

Thanks for the response.

1. What is a GRIP MASTER?
2. How much does it cost?
3. What's significant about the blue?

Jon G

1. What is a GRIP MASTER?
Check it out here:  http://www.gripmaster.com.au/
There should be a picture of dice on the home page along
with golf and tennis but... I guess it'll be our little secret.

2. How much does it cost?
I wouldn't go by the prices on that site.  I think I got mine for
$19.95 at Guitar Center

3. What's significant about the blue?
The blue is the light version -- less resistance -- trust me, it's
enough to start.

Enjoy!  I never leave home without it.  



Before hitting the tables, flexing your fingers (like you're playing the piano) and twirling your wrists is a good start.

At night, while you're watching the toob, have a set of dice handy and if nothing else, roll them around in your hand. (NOT recommended if you watch TV with your spouse)

And yes, I do believe that maintaining good healthy habits will help your stamina etc.


To irishsetter:

From the Yuri book, I told myself that I was going to do warm up exercises, but I seldom did.

Thanks for the response. I will implement the suggestions immediately.


If there is a shop near you that sells BAO DING sets buy a set .They are stainless steel sometimes laquered balls that fit in the palm of your hand which you rotate at various speeds using your thumb and fingers.Once you have mastered not dropping them on your toes you will notice an increase in flexibility in your fingers and circulation will promote blood flow.The chinese claim they are good for memory and eyesight.I dont know could be.When anyone asks me how I prepare for a session I tell them I play with my balls. LOL!

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