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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Lost My Shooting Ability: Reward!

Rob 6980

If anyone finds my shooting skill floating in the Gulf of Mexico, kindly return it to me.

Well today was definitely a bump in the road of my precision shooting. I have been doing the practice table thing and recently doing fairly well, around 12-18 rolls before seven out.

Today was a horror. Went out on the boat in Florida. First two rolls lasted 8 and 13 rolls.

After that, there was nothing precise about my shooting - three straight point and outs, followed by rolls of 3, 4, 9, and two more point and outs to end the day on an even worse note.

Luckily i was able to catch some good rolls and some good blackjack hands to end the day down only $200

Guess ill just chalk this up to a bump in the road and not let it get in the way and ruin my confidence



We all have days like that . Besides the seas are running too high to play craps out there the last few days . It's hard to be a precision shooter when the target zone is rocking and rolling .  


Never try precision shooting in a floating craps game.

Dice Doctor

I learned the hard way that shooting on one of those boats that actually moves can be hazardous to your bankroll and your back. About 8 months ago, on a boat on the Ohio River, I had the great fortune to board on a day when they were training a new captain. He hit the dock so hard with that vessel that the box lady nearly fell off her chair, I was thrown into the rail with such force I needed to get my spine adjusted. Luckily for the shooter, he did NOT seven out on that throw...it was the very next one. Suddenly I had the insight that this was the reason I could sometimes shoot well on the boats and other days I may as well have been in the engine room. From then on I never throw the dice if the ship is moving. I only throw if they keep her dockside. I have been on fishing vessels on the Gulf but never a gambling boat. I can only imagine the ride one may get out there. Happy Chuckin


I was on a cruise down off the Florida coast a few years back when we got caught in a dandy storm - seas running 20' plus at times. Folks on the lower decks spent the night looking out their portholes at the fish. The bow of the boat would lift eight or ten feet, then plunge twenty to twenty five feet down into the trough - and hit with a resounding crash. Every time she came down all of the chips in the box's bank tumbled over and spilled across the table. She'd gather them all in, re-stack them, and try to hold them in place with her forearms - but no good. Next wave they'd spill all over the place again. They eventually closed all the tables down - leaving just the slots open.

Rob 6980

Wow, thanks for all the replies.

I never even thought of it, but yeah, its has been rougher than normal the past week and little rocky.

Usually the seas aren't that bad, but it makes perfect sense now that i think about it.

Believe me, i would give anything for a non moving casino, but unfortunately there are only the boats by us in Florida.

Thanks for the advise

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