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Mini V Questions

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


On another thread(s) the subject of betting the mini-V was discussed. All those outside #s...

Place across: Too much on the table.
Place outside: Miss the many 6/8s.
Come bets: Can't set for 7 on comeout.
Anything but 7: Waters down 568 hits.

Place ouside and work in.

Place inside + field and work out.

AceDeuceYo might not hurt.

Any thoughts?


I use the mini-v almost exclusively after the comeout.

I do find that either the 6 or 8 will run within for any particular hand. When I see it I will place that # and progress, usually pressing every 2nd hit. For the most part I do the same with the outside. Lot's of cash on the table but if rolling well the outside's higher odds pay off.

It is also a great set for me as the 7 avoidance factor is good, much better than the flying V and a little better than the crossed 6's.

Regression helps deal with the money factor but I always don't follow my own advice.


When I place a number after its shown twice or thrice, the dealer calls "self service come bet".

Its really tough when I missed the first 3 4's then place it.

Sat nite I started out min PL no odds when shooting. After a five count or repeaters or pass I would start placing numbers and adding odds. Up and pull, no regressions, never got pressed up beyond $50/$60.

Mini-V is new to me. I just put the 6 and 3 on the left side, rotating only if 5-2 was up. I got a fairly even distribution of numbers. Also off-axis hi/lo.
Now x6 only if point is 5/9.

Also tried different throw from the end. Deep 2 finger grip, lots of backspin, aim for the shoe. I'm gonna stay with this for a while, it actually works better at the casino than at home (so far).


I believe in locking in wins at every opportunity, so if I have hit twice on my minimum $6 place bets on the 6 & 8, and if I have a minimum bet with single odds on the 5 or 9, I will not risk my locked-in $3 win by betting on anything else for the remainder of the hand. I will simply set for my 5 or 9 and go for broke.
If this occurs, I usually set my dice up with pairs of 5's & 9's around on the rolling faces (on the 52-16 axes).
However, with that set I am only a quarter-die rotation from a 7-out.

As such, I like Steve's alternative with the crossed sixes since you get both a 5 & a 9 on the rolling faces and another 5 & 9 with a quarter pitch rotation --- all the while keeping 180-degree protection from the 7-out.

I can't make a decision about which is best other than to observe whether I'm a quarter-die off from the original faces more often than not.
If the casinos would let us, maybe we can ask them to let us change our points of 5 or 9 to 4 or 10?


Ray, I've seen guys move place bets to whatever is hitting, but I've never tried that. Might be better than putting new money on the table.


Guys: You can move your place bets at any time. Here is a move I use quite a bit. Place 22 inside. On the first hit, take down one bet: If the 5 hits, take the nine, if the nine hits, take the 5. If the 6 or 8 hits, take your lucky pick of the 5 or nine. Now, I have $10 bucks in a $17 bet. Next hit, move the 9 or 5, whichever you kept with the $7 payoff and press the 6 and 8 to $12 each. Now you have $10 bucks in a $24 bet. I refer to this as money leverage. From there, can regress back down, replace the 5 and 9 with a hit (if you do that you now have $8 in a $34 bet.) or press only the six or eight that hit or press them both. If you press the one that hit, you have $1 in a $30 bet. Press them both and you have $6 in a $36 bet Usually, I bring it down though and start a transition to the dark.

Dice Doctor

Your last sentence says it all: Take it all down and transition to the darkside. If the numbers roll to give you a couple of hits so that your are "leveraged" on the lay out, it is probably time to transition. As the roll progresses to or beyond the sixth roll the likely hood of an extended roll decreases.

Yuri's book (pg 143) and Heavy's new book (special hand out on 6/8 Progression, pg 2) have charts showing the likely hood of repeat hits on various numbers.

I like the inside play for one or two hits then all down and darkside transition. Sometimes I'll play $25.00 Don't Pass with $22.00 inside, take a hit or two on inside numbers then all down on the 22.00 inside and wait for the $25.00 DP decision.
It all depends on how many inside box numbers the shooter can toss before the seven.


Hey Irish, how did the mini v worked for you in Vegas?



It worked like a dream. I'd say the only mistakes I made were that I didn't progress my bets enough on my long rolls. I hit several hard 10 parlay wagers for myself (and the dealers), and at one point threw 5 hard ways in a row.

A few of us were discussing the merits/drawbacks of changing sets or configurations of sets based on the point. I personally am not one to do it. After come out, I used the mini V in "my" configuration almost the entire weekend.

So, in five words, I'm sticking with the mini-V!


Good to hear that Irish, how did you start your betting?


In our recent excellent adventure to Harrahs Joliet, Steve and I both had nice hands using the mini-v. I made 4-5 points and Steve made 5-6 (I think).

I have been playing with your variation Thom and like it.
Steve uses a variation similar to yours, just a mirror image if I am remembering correctly.

I agree wholeheartedly not to change during a good roll.
I will change the configuration of what's facing but not the set.

The major benefit continues to be the great 7 avoidance capability of the set which allows for those longer hands.


Since dominant numbers haven't really developed for me I set 6 on the left of the left and 3 on the left of the right (side by side toss). Whatever happens to face is whatever I go with (unless its the ultimate inside number).

The issue I am wrestling with is the optimal betting strat.

Golfer, IIRC we both had fairly even Box Number distributions, except you hit a few more 4's and 5's than other numbers.

One thing that seems interesting is making two flat come bets. If they hit, place them. If the original point is made prior to placing, double the line bet and cover crap. Stay with miniv on comeout.

Dice Doctor

I have found that I hit the 4 and 10 pretty well with the Mini V but I also get a significant increase in 6's and 8's. Tells me I don't really keep 'em "on axis" a lot of the time but that set does produce good numbers and that's what we're there for!!

Irish- what is the tweak you put on that set?


Dice Doc,

The distribution of numbers for the mini-V is even across all box numbers, 2 of each. So you SHOULD get sixes and eights. My sig numbers for the mini V are 4,6 and 8. My configuration for the set is:

Left Die top 6 Right Die 2
Left Die facing 2 Right Die facing 4

Sixes and eights all around.....

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