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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Mad Professor Inquiry

Man In Black

My first inquiry is in regards to your betting. You say that your loss limit is $500.00. If you play at 100x odds tables, lay down a $5.00 minimum bet with $500.00 odds, then lose, is that the end of your day or do you continue?

My second inquiry is in regards to your "normal" grip, as I am experimenting with several. You use a pincer-like grip, thumb and fourth finger on ends. How do you keep the dice from spinning inward toward each other? The thumb and fourth finger tend to make the dice spin inward when I attempt yours and any other pincer grip.

May the dice be with you, always...


Excellent grip observation and question! Personally, I can't imagine anyone gaining any consistent control with the ice-tong approach. Then again, people say the same thing about my stack set ...

Mad Professor

Hi guys,

Thanks for the excellent questions.

First, as to Loss Limits: If I am at only $5/100x Odds casinos in Vegas; then I'll ratchet up my Odds bets on my own shooting until it is at the 100x mark. I'll do this with a combination of Place bet winnings and Pass Line profits. If it is at a lower limit ($1 or $2) table as found at Casino Royale; then I will start with higher Odds. And yes, if I lose, that is the end of that session and I walk. By the way, Sam's Town is eliminating their long-standing 100x Odds.

Second, as to the Pincer Grip: If you have a problem with the dice collapsing inwards during the toss; you can use your index and middle finger to stabilize the top forward edge of the dice until you get them to release smoothly and they stay in mirror formation during their trajectory.

Man In Black

TO: Mad Professor

By mirror formation, do you mean the dice stay in the same position through the air as they were when you set them? No spin, just two dice that "float" up from your release and down from the air in exact "formation" as when they left your hand...

We need to get Irishsetter to post this grip in the grips section...

May the dice be with you, always...

Mad Professor

M i B,

I used the "mirror formation" term as it is used by several others to describe in-air action of the dice. It means that both dice are doing the same thing in tandem, and in parallel, at the same time. Yes, there is some spin that is happening as they fly through the air, but the two dice are spinning at the same speed and "holding" their axis AND their pre-throw set. Likewise, on touchdown, we want them to have EXACTLY the same number of rolls or rotations on their roll-out. Even if they do not stay side-by- side; as long as they have the same number of rotations, they are good. That way, by staying on axis AND maintaining their pre- throw set; they give us only 4 dice combination possibilities.

Does it work every time we throw?

Of course not, but if you get into the 60% to 75% range with just the 4 possible outcomes; then the profit opportunities are fiarly high even for a conservative bettor.

Man In Black

TO: Mad Professor

Thanks for the input. I had an idea that was what you meant by mirror formation, and I am familiar with the dice probabilities.

May the dice be with you, always...


I am in agreement with Heavy on this one. It takes a tremendous amount of practice to master the ice-tong grip. I know a lot of shooters that will grip the dice ice-tong when they address the dice and then gently put their index and ring finger on the front to form the three finger grip, which in MYHO can control the dice more comsistently, but what ever works go with it. I sure would like to see the ice-tong in action.

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