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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Topic: Questions For Mad Professor & Others

Post Date: 7/26/2001 10:29:36 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: cupchanger

i think i have read all of your articles, if i missed the answer to my question i am sorry.
i know you like the pinch with the thumb and 4th finger grip, maybe sometimes with a slight variation with the 2nd and 3rd fingers slightly resting on the top edges. my question is do the dice release from the front, side or rear in relationship to the thumb and your target?

Post Date: 7/26/2001 11:22:40 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Mad Professor

The dice release in an under-hand arcing toss. They release from the side in relation to my thumb.

Post Date: 7/26/2001 11:36:33 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: cupchanger

therefore when you release your thumb is on top, and your preset numbers are facing the stickmans table side?

Post Date: 7/26/2001 2:07:36 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Mad Professor


The dice are set side-by-side, both facing down towards the other end of the table. The axis is positioned opposite to the trajectory of the roll. The axis numbers are "non-contributory" towards the outcome of the roll. That is, the axis-faces do not end up being rolled, if it is executed perfectly every time.

I have tried to engineer the release and toss so that if one die (the right one) does go "off-axis", the other die (the left one) will stop on the 6. In the crossed-six set, this usually prevents the 7 from showing.

My hand and arm work as a hinged-fulcrum on which the dice are released.

The resilience of the felt-surface, under-lay and base material, to a large degree will determine the "depth" of my finger-tip and thumb-tip in relation to holding the sidal-axis of the dice.

I know I mentioned before that finger-nail length is critical, and that is just one of many aspects of the controlled-toss that I have spent a lot of time studying.

The sublety of the motion and the gentleness of the release is difficult to relate in words. The movement of the wrist is a chief determinant of the "dead-cat-bounce". It is also dictated by whatever position I have available at the table.

I hope to have this covered a lot more in depth and detail in an upcoming article complete with pictures, or possibly a short streaming-video.

Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables.

Post Date: 7/26/2001 2:59:58 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: cupchanger

thankyou for your time, and on your clarification. i stumbled on to this website by accident and must share one story. my friend and i went to shreveport a couple of weeks ago. she's a card counter and i like craps. the last time i went to vegas i met up with a character named thurman, a black rodeo cowboy from the 60's, he was betting the don't, so he introduced me to the don't. i have always, for no known reason, set my dice to the straight sixes. and...... would usually seven out shortly. so my recent trip to shreveport led me to shoot from the don't. i would say i probably threw maybe between 20 and 30 times and probably didn't make but 5 points, good for me huh? my friend came up one session and threw. she hit about 3 points before "seven out". we returned and it was then that i came upon this site. the next day i explained to her the possibilities of the probabilities of my lack of hitting points. she then informed me that she also uses sixes but she crosses them.....so there you have it. now we are both wondering what are the possibilites that on my past good fortures at the tables was mainly contributed to lucky me being at the table of a controlled you? in the mean time i too will put in time on the practice table.

Post Date: 7/26/2001 8:18:16 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

To Mad P.

A short video would be great. I know there is a cost to put these things on, so charge us if needed. We need your information.

I to have more questions about the grip and throw myself, but you're probably right, that only so much can be conveyed by words. And we definitely do not want to test your patience, by nit picking, every word you print.

I would hate to think that you may curtailed what you put in your articles, because you know it will create a bunch of beginner questions. Beginners like me, need for you to write freely.

Keep up the good articles.

I played at the El Cortez in Nov 2000, at a 25 cents table. Before your last article, I thought that would be the perfect - low rent table - to learn dice setting.

Take care.

Post Date: 7/26/2001 8:32:44 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

Mad P.

In your 2nd article, "Random Thoughts From The Mad Professor", under the title, "On My Favorite Set (or...Why is he fiddling with the dice?" you wrote:
"Conversely, on the come-out roll I use the "hardways" set but ALTER MY GRIP and RELEASE POINT; and a preponderance of 7's show up."

That tells me you have 2 grips and 2 release points. Though I have only seen 1 grip in writing.

If the answer to this topic is more convenient for you and your time schedule to respond with an article, as opposed to a quick response on the message board, that will probably generate more questions, feel free to do so.

I was in AC on Wes 25-Jul-2001. I had great sucess with your hardways set on the come out. Also I have had more success with the flying V set, as opposed to the crossed-six set.

After one rolled ended people applauded.

I won $5.00 for the trip because of my blackjack wins. I loss money in craps from betting on the random rollers. It was my rolling that brought me back. I will adjust this on the next trip.


Post Date: 7/27/2001 1:57:19 AM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Mad Professor

Hi Stu,

Thanks for the question.

Yes, I use several grips, several sets, several release techniques, etc.

I do this to adjust and compensate for table conditions such as length, felt condition & resilience, dice age & condition etc. all based on what has historicaly worked on that particular table.

You may recall in my "Survey This..." article, I track the various sweet-spots at each table wherever I play in North America and abroad.

If it is a new or remodelled table, or one that I haven't played at before, I use the "straight away six" set, where the four lines of pips are aligned with the LENGTH of the table (not across it).

I sometimes still use the "hardways" set on the come-out, but I employ a "rolling thumb" release off of the side of the left die. Again it is hard to describe properly. The table "bounce" dictates what set I use, how I release the dice and where my target area is.

Thanks again for your question.


Post Date: 7/27/2001 12:04:30 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

To Mad P.

Thanks for the response. "Rolling thumb", "Bucking the dice", are techniques that we would love to learn. Please consider that video, since words can only convey so much.

Your ability to compensate for different environments is obviously, one of your main reasons for your consistent winning. You know when to use a putter or a 5-iron, unfortunately, most of us beginners are using a putter to get out of a sand bunker, with little success, yet. We don't know all of the tools we possess, and we don't know how to adjust the tools for each individual environment. That is the skill.

Your articles and the Irishsetters website are a definite help to moving in the right direction.

1. Are you left handed or right handed?
2. What is your favorite position at the table? Assuming you have one.

Thanks again.

Post Date: 7/27/2001 3:35:06 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Mad Professor

Hi Stu,

I am right-handed.

I am going to write ONE article that completely covers my shooting. It will probably be in several somewhat boring parts, so that each element is completely covered, ad nauseum.

These elements specifically include, but are NOT limited to the following:

(i) Various sets for various table conditions and positions, the "quick-arrange" set, various grip and pressure modifications to suit those above-noted conditions.

(ii) The motion of the arm, wrist, hand and fingers, before upon and after release. Variations of each movement will be addressed. As well, we will look at how to assess a table BEFORE you throw. It's easier than you think.

(iii) The target areas, and the reason and cure for off-kilter landings. How to quickly assess and shift target-zones at the lowest possible cost.

(iv) The roll-out, and analysing why a die isn't going where it is supposed to go.

(v) The final resting place and the resultant call. We take a "reverse-engineered" look at how the dice ended up in their current location and why a particular number rolled. We then use the roll results to modify and re-focus all of the four previous facets of the roll.

I'm now looking at what I just dictated, I'm pretty sure that it will be the driest, unwittiest and most boring set of articles that I have ever attempted to write.

I'm looking forward to it already!

Good Luck and Good Skill at the Tables.

Post Date: 7/27/2001 5:12:26 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

To Mad P.

Thanks for the reply. That's going to be the best article of them all. I eagerly await it's every detail.

1. What is your favorite table position (assuming you have one)?

Post Date: 7/27/2001 9:36:32 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: linaway
Slogan: A perspective by linaway

Mad Professor:
I not unlike stu am eagerly awaiting your (v} step Process/Procedure. Boring, not for me. I'm reminded of a little ditty from some years ago that goes something like this......Books and rules makes the learners path long, by example, makes it short and successful.
Your past how-to-do-its have been received quite well.

Do it to us Prof.....linaway

Post Date: 7/28/2001 6:23:58 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

To Mad P. Thanks for the info
1. What does the ideal landing look like? If it's a dead stop, if so the #'s would always be a 12 in the crossed six set.

2. "..the axis is position opposite to the trajectory of the roll.." your write. How are you using the word trajectory, because it seems as if the axis must be parallell with the trajectory and direction of the throw. Especially since you use a 2 finger pincer.

Thanks in advance!!!

Post Date: 7/28/2001 6:56:30 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Mad Professor

Irishsetter and I were just discussing the possibility of making a short video to go along with each segment of my upcoming articles on this subject.

Words unfortunately are not even coming close to properly conveying what I am trying to describe. That, unfortunately is a shortcoming of my writing abilities. Ergo the need for a video.

My schedule, along with lack of "head-room" of the MEG's variety on this website, may dictate WHEN that will be done. We will keep you updated on it's status.


Post Date: 7/29/2001 1:51:56 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

To Mad P.

Your writing skills are great.

You know you could make a fortune selling your inforamation, so whatever we get, and when we get it is greatly appreciated.

We know you have a busy schedule, and writing these articles, for our benefit, must fit around your schedule.

Also, the technical skill and time to provide this information comes from somebody's sweat.

Still waiting for the article where the guy went pro in 3 months. I want to see what qualities he had to master in that time period to become successful.

See ya Soon!! and thanks again!!!!!

Post Date: 7/29/2001 4:39:49 PM (Pacific USA) P4KP4K
Author: Mad Professor
Slogan: Good Luck & Good Skill at the Tables


There are approximately 15 to 20 articles that have been written that are awaiting publication.

Irishsetter is correctly pacing the release of those articles to maximize interest, viewership and content-absorbsion on his excellent website.

Patience both here and at the tables, pay long-term dividends.

Post Date: 7/29/2001 6:25:26 PM (Pacific USA) P4K
Author: Stu
Slogan: Personal Power - the ability to take action.

Sounds Good!!

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