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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Taking It To The Next Level


I am going to the PARR class in March and hopefully will receive some real good knowledge about throwing the dice. I think I know how it should work, but I want to see how the dice should hit the table.

What I want to know now, is how do you know if you really are doing it right, or rather, how do you know that you have made it to the next level, from beginner to intermediate setter, or from intermediate to advanced?

When did you know that you had really made a difference in your shooting? How did you go from a setter wannabee (like me) to a genuine setter?

Thanks in advance for any info you masters can provide! My rolls are below if you are interested (H for hardway and W for winner).

Here are my rolls from Sunday: using straight sixes on the come out and then either the flying vee or the mini vee.

Windsor, r2, shoot 1: 6,6w,6,9,10H,8,10H,9,7out Windsor, r2, shoot 2: 5,6,4,6,9,9,11,10,7out Windsor, r1, shoot 3: 6,5,4,6Hw, 4,7out

Might as well have just ripped the dice from the stick man and flung them as hard as I could off the table. Nothing worked right from the time I stepped in the door until I left. Gotta stop playing on $15 tables.

Then when I tried to get into the US (meetings in Michigan all week), the border gaurd pulled me for lack of paper work (wanted the contract from the client), and sent me back to Canada through the tunnel. Two hours on the phone to the home office and 20 bucks in fax charges later, I was safely in the US (same border gaurd by the way).

Drove up to Soaring Eagle anyway, bypassing the Detroit casinos.

You know you are in for a loosing session when they wont let you in the country. Maybe it has something to do with two gold medals in hockey, don't really know. for sure.

Soaring Eagle: r1, shoot 1: 3,7w,7w,5,5w,9,9w,7w,6,10,5,6w,11,8,6,7out r1, shoot 2: 6,6w,7w,6,6w,8,9,8w,8,8w,8,5,8w,8,7out r1, shoot 3: 2,6,9,9,4H,8,6w,9,3,8,7out

Could not really pull it together in the two sessions. Tried to follow the trend around the table and got hammered by random rollers.

If I can learn the discipline that others seem to have on this board and others, I think I can put sessions like these two behind me.


Appears to me that your shooting ain't necessarily that bad. For sure in that first series you were running something like a 14% advantage on the six and a 6% advantage on the nine. The problem lies in a couple of areas, I suspect. First of all you have to recognize your signature trend. Now, I'm pretty good with a certain set of numbers most of the time - but occasionally in the middle of a shoot my number mix will change for no reason I can identify. Frankly, I don't worry about this. If I roll two fours in the space of half a dozen rolls - what I do is throw out a ten dollar four - next time one rolls I buy it for a quarter. If I keep up the trend and it hits again I collect fifty bucks. So you have to recognize the signature numbers. You have some good opportunities in that mix you posted. Secondly, and I don't know how you typically bet - but the way you are rolling I'd suggest something like minimum pass line when you are the shooter. Then go with single odds only. Place your signature numbers for multiple units - say $44 inside or whatever - then regress to $22 inside after the first hit on any number. On the next hit you could bring down two numbers and leave just the six and the nine up - I use those two numbers because it seems like you roll a lot of them. At that point you have ten bucks in action with the line bet and odds - and eleven on the layout. Total of $21 at risk. And you have collected $21 from your hit and regress moves. Sooooo, one more hit and you have yourself a profit for that roll. After that press every other hit and spread out as you go - picking up any additional numbers you're rolling. But when you get out at around eight or nine rolls - you need to do a second regression - because that's about where the wheels are coming off of it. Just bring all of your profit down and keep throwing until you get a decision on the line bet. If you have enough profit made you can even increase your odds bet at that point. But initially I'd keep the odds at single until I had a profit locked up. Okay - thirdly - you absolutely must learn to chart shooters as well as table trends - and bet accordingly. That means not playing when the chicken feeders have the dice - or at the very least just play a single bet on those guys - preferably on the don't pass. But really, make a conscious effort to bet ONLY on shooters who take their time, pre- set the dice and have a soft, consistent toss. These are three tough lessons to learn - I still struggle with that last one myself. But it's really the smart way to play.



Thanks for you advice. If I can work on my dicipline to stay on the don't side with the chicken feeders, I think I can at least break even until I shoot or until another setter or rythym roller gets the dice.

I recorded each roll at the tables and found the tables to be choppy and got burned alot trying to follow the trend. Looking back, I realize that had I stuck with the dark side all the time except when shooting I would have come out better.


It looks like you can make some numbers. Heavy's idea of looking for your signiture and then regressing is a sound one. I am sure that in class you are going to learn a lot, and I bet one of the things will be your grip and your release position. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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