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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


Hey everyone,

I'm pretty new to precision rolling and had a few questions after reading the message boards the last few weeks. I've noticed that in many posts, people talk about practicing their throws at home and being able to determine their SRR from it. What type of practice is everyone doing? In looking through the archives of the message board, I noticed Heavy's suggesting for the junk drawer practice box to practice the dead cat bounce. I think this would be great for learning how to deaden your dice upon impact with the felt, but is there a practice box or method that you guys use by which you can determine what numbers you are rolling with different sets?

Also, like many of you, I'm anxiously awaiting Sharpshooter's new book on precision shooting that is to be published as part of Frank Scoblete's Get the Edge series, as I feel it would be a great jumpstart for my learning. However, in the last few days I've started to wonder if this will attract too much attention to the idea of dice setting to the casinos. As of now, very few books have been written on dice setting (the ones that come to mind are Feinberg's and Yuri's, both of which are hard to find). Once this book comes out, will it draw a lot of the casinos' attention and possibly bring some extra heat on precision shooters in general as books on card counting did?


Vivek -

Just curious - you from Texas?

I put up a fairly lengthy post on the allcraps site the other day on the topic of casino heat. Much of the same has been posted here before. Essentially - here's why guys like me don't expect to see a lot of heat.

I'm guessing at least half the people who shoot the dice go through some sort of pre-toss ritual. Some pre-set. Some "school" the dice by picking them up and dropping them several times before shooting. They all work their "mojo" to the best of their ability. Casino personnel are used to this. Now, of this 50% of the shooters at the table, probably 80% are random rollers. They may pre-set the dice - but then they pick them up and throw them carelessly, or shake them before tossing them. They have no skill. That leaves 20% of 50% - maybe ten percent of the people at the table who actually attempt precision shooting. Of these - maybe 20% are effective enough to influence the dice. Notice I did not say control. Now, if this group - which represents about 2% of the total shooter base - is skilled not only in shooting, but in money management and discipline as well - then they may win some money. Likewise - other savvy players at the table may win as well.

So we're really looking at a very small base of people who can actually accomplish what we're setting out to do. Probably less than 2% of the players. Well, the casino is making out quite well on the other 98%. Add to that the fact that hot shooters draw in other players - heck, we're a boon to the casinos - not a curse.

Now to take this one step further. A really accomplished precision shooter can pre-set the dice on the rake. Stick pushes the dice over. Shooter rakes them to his pre-shoot position, turning one die a quarter turn at the same time so they are on the axis he wants - then makes the pick-up and delivery in one continuous movement. Guess what - nobody recognizes this guy as a precision shooter because he does it so quickly on the fly. I know Frank (Black Cloud) complains about me pre-setting too fast from time to time - he can't read the pre-set and know how to bet. But these are the kinds of things you want to master. That way nobody has to sweat anything.



Thanks for the advice; I'll practice my preset off the stick as much as possible to make it look less noticeable. Do you have any advice on a practice method for throwing the dice?

And yes, I am from Texas, how did you know? Are you from here too?

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