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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


Many of you will be attending next week's festivities.... Some words of caution/common sense. Some of this is obvious, but......

There will be A LOT of us in town. In addition to the Friday seminar, there's also a class over the weekend. I'm sure that the casinos are aware of this fact to some degree. Use good judgment. If you get heat and it's not subsiding with a toke and a joke. Call for color. This will not be a good weekend to get into a pissing contest with the pit.

In addition, it is NEVER a good idea to talk about dice influencing at the tables....but be particularly cautious next weekend.

With so many of us in town, it will also be very tempting to get together with other like minded shooters. GREAT! But, QUALIFY ALL SHOOTERS! Do not bet a lot just because the shooter is a dice influencer... There's always time to make money if someone has a long hand.

If you have a long hand, or you're at a table with someone who is having one, remember you or he or she are "lucky."

NO SHOWBOATING! (nuf said)

I know this thread is a bit didactic, but I don't want you to get whacked by another shooter, nor do I want you to Kill the Golden Goose.

Looking forward to meeting those who are attending.


Well, you hit on one of my hot buttons. I actually have a list of "ground rules" I hand out at the craps clinics. Most of it is common sense stuff. But in particular - if you walk into a casino and see me shooting craps to not stroll over and say "Hey Heavy!" for all the world to hear. Likewise if you're standing at the table and see Sharpshooter at the next table - don't immediately pick up all your chips and run over there - and don't shout "Hey Sharpshooter!" across the pit. And if you happen to see the Irishsetter at 4am and he's looking faint - somebody please take the guy some place and feed him. But DON'T shout, "Hey, IRISHSETTER! Let's go get something to eat." It's tough enough keeping a low profile on a weekend like this. So PLEASE use a little common sense.

Yeah, and qualify all the shooters. Including yourself.

'nuff said.


So I shouldn't wear my "Dicesetter.com" hat into the casino?

Good advice from good people. Everyone going to LV next weekend should read MP's "Okay, who cooked the Golden Goose" articles which start at http://www.dicesetter.com/mp/mad75goose.htm and continue at http://www.dicesetter.com/mp/mad75gooseb.htm

MP says it all. Please heed his advice.


It's funny this is a topic. I have had visions of just what you guys don't want to happen.

I can see Heavy at the table and the stick passes the dice to him. He makes his bets and all of a sudden every player at the table throws out a $5 World and a $2 Hi-Low. The Box raises his eyebrows.

After setting the 9 as his point there is a flood of red chips flying from every direction with simultaneous calls of "Hop the 9's". The Box signals for the Supervisor who picks up the phone. The nines are covered in piles of red chips, without any felt to be seen underneath. Heavy stacks and throws, "9 Frontline winner, Take the Don'ts". There is a moment of silence and then every player at the table except Heavy starts going "Ribbit - Ribbit", for Heavy bullfrogging the 9 right back.

The Box calls for the dice and locks the game up as a Pit Critter approaches Heavy and says, "Sir, may I speak with you a minute?". The other players are stunned and silent until one of them says in a loud voice, "Shit, let's go find Irishsetter". They march out of the Pit side by side in formation.

I don't think that will happen but yeah, everyone attending has got to be cool. You will learn techniques from the pros, act like one after the knowledge is passed. There is plenty out there, you don't have to try and get it all in 48 hours. Have fun, learn and Hop the Red for Golfer once in awhile, just not all at the same time on the same table.

Dice Doctor

Please everyone...go read the "Who Cooked the Goose" article posted in MP's pages.

Know this for a fact: They know you are coming, they know who you are, and will be on the look out for you.

Keep your bets low and QUALIFY EVERY SHOOTER. This is first hand experience from a setter who has attended many of these gatherings. Learn as much as you can, take it home and incorporate it in your practice then into your overall bag of skills. Then and only then, take it to your local gaming establishment and take 'em for all you can.

We MUST become more aware of disguising our skill and identities out there in the casino. It is great fun to meet all the other setters and mingle with folks who are as crazy about the game as you. Socialize and have fun but not at the casino. Do that with the master of entertaining, Beaudacious.

Huge wins like the one reported from Tunica are RARE. I was happy for the group but said to myself: "Boy, am I glad I wasn't there!"

As long as you keep your rolls quick and legal, you will be fine and probably not get any heat.
But don't think for even a skinny minute that they don't know who you are. And if it is your first time there, then be prepared to become known. They have that new surveillance system that all the casinos share in the data base.

A small degree of paranoia on your part will go a long way toward protecting your bankroll and your ability to continue to take profits from the casino. A fellow named Roadrunner is a master of this. Not the paranoia but the low key mannerisms.

Best Wishes to all of you. Sponge up as much information as you can and keep your head low.


Golfer -

Standing at the table with Sharpshooter in March.
It's the come out roll.
Someone says "What's he setting?"
Someone else says "He's settng for the sevens."
Chips rain on the table.
$3 hop sevens.
$15 hop sevens.
$31 no nine.
$41 no four.
$100 Big Red.
Dealers on the line.
Yep - I was there.
Sometimes you just have to shake your head and walk away.



I know you wanted to just die. I really can see stuff like that happening and posted to try and get
everyone aware of the pitfalls. Went back the other day and read the Golden Goose. An advantage gained can be lost in a heartbeat with the wrong move at the wrong time.

Every single attendee should be aware of where they are and what they are doing and most importantly the fact that how they act will be watched by the crew, pit and eye in the sky.

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