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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

The Sixth Set


"I See Dead Cat Bounce".... All kidding aside, there are 6 sets. Everyone has different reasons for using them. There are mathematical (ugh) reasons for some of them. Yuri says mini v, PARR says hardways set, Scoblete says V-3's, Heavy seems to like the crossed sixes. My question is this, I'm a pretty decent novice shooter. I can throw MY preferred seven avoidance set (V-3) pretty well, but I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME throw crossed sixes or mini-V with any consistency. Why would THAT be? Any insight would be appreciated.



Think about it for a moment.The dice dont know how you have set them and they dont care how you have tossed them.The only thing that affects the outcome are the forces that you have exerted on them. Why would you think that one set works when another wont.You are the one that makes or breaks the set...with your toss.The dice dont know whether you have set the x sixes on top or the 3v or the mini v for that matter.If you arrange the sets the same way,say with the pairs on top and bottom then the outcomes will be the same with the same toss. You have to record the outcomes. Which faces have shown after the toss?What relationship do the showing faces have to how they were set before the toss?Are the showing faces consistant? Answer those questions and you will know much more about what you have done with your toss.



I think it has a lot to do with focusing on the set and not the throw, grip and release.

It is kinda like getting up on a point of 4 or 10. I used to cringe when it happened and not take odds. Now, I am not bothered with it as I am more comfortable with what I am doing.

Others have said it many times, this is like golf, 90 % mental. Your lack of success may be related to your mind set when it comes to throwing the sets you are not comfortable with.


I agree. I prefer the crossed sixes because I am FAMILIAR with it - it's what I practice with most often. But I do fairly well with the mini-V and the V-3's as well. Now that hardway set has been a killer for me so far - although I really don't know if it's the set or the PARR grip/toss. Anyway, I haven't been able to work it effectively yet. Keep double pitching one die.


DDF I have exactly the same problem. I stick to the flying 3’s because of better 7 avoidance. My throwing is not consistent -&- 25 to 50% off axis -&- most of my 7 outs are off axis. Are most of your 7 outs off axis? If so, are they consistently the same axis for a particular set? If you try Billy’s suggestion, use two different colored dice -&- record the face outcomes, you may find a pattern -&- a solution to your problem. With the crossed sixes -&- mini v, have you tried swapping the front and back face on one die or swapping the die you usually place on the left with the one on the right?


I have quite good success w/ crossed sixes. It's just that Yuri has an area in his book about the "Realistic Advantage" and he rates the mini V as having the highest Realistic Advantage. I think I'm going to incorporate into my practice that when the point is 4 or 10 to use the crossed sixes until I've paid for bets out on the table, then switch to mini V to try to make the point. I have tried swapping faces etc. I mostly seven out ON AXIS (5-2).... so I think I've just got to get over the mental road block that I can't throw the mini V.

Mickey D

DDF: Billy hit this one square on the head! You need to throw with two different colored dice and record what comes up on each die after a toss. You'll then see how each one is performing for you. Take a look at what numbers are showing on each die and go backwards and see how they fell off axis. Bottom line, though, it all comes down to the throw. Work on that and like Billy said it won't matter what set you use if the dice stay on axis. Best of luck.


The problem seems to be a double pitch off the top surface. Use the mini-v but with the mini-v on the vertical. This might avoid the double pitch off the top surface. Hopefully you are not double pitching off the vertical. If you are, the 5-2 seven will appear again.



Where do you put the sixes when you throw the x six set.Just put the deuces or fives in that same spot and then the sets are the same orientation.If you throw the dice the same then you should see the same results in relation to the seven.


Thanks Billy! As a matter of fact, I tried that in practice last night, it worked like a charm! Was banging out those outside numbers....I now LOVE the mini V....

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