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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

Stupid Question....  Sticky Fingers


I was shooting pool with a couple of friends the other night. As will happen, my cue was a little sticky. Of course, the pool parlor keeps a little talc on hand for such situations. Dries the hands and sort of lubricates the cue. And naturally I made the mental transition to dice sticking to your fingers on the release. How many times does that happen? I always rub my fingers on the felt to dry them before picking up the dice. Now I'm wonderng if a little talc - stealthily applied to the fingertips prior to shooting - might not aid with a smoother, on axis release. Sooooooo, anybody do that - or anything like it - to avoid the sticky fingers problem?


Wow, my chance to answer a stupid question!

Not such a stupid question though, I have had those sticky situations once in awhile myself.

Aside from licking your finger you could carry those little napkins they give you with chicken fingers or carry a hankerchief with talc or such substance in your back pocket.

That way you could reach in your back pocket to dry your fingers without being to noticable. Of course it would look like you were scratching your butt before each toss.


I try to use talc on my fingers before heading to the tables. In addition, I rub a good amount of the stuff onto the top thigh area of my blue jeans. It's completely unnoticable as my jeans are fairly faded. When fingers get sticky, I just run my fingertips on my thigh...works like a charm.

Also, if you have a long say of shooting planned, a little anti perspirant on your finger tips before you head out helps too.

As always, try these techniques in practice sessions first!

Golfer 7/11

As I am an expert on the stupid I feel highly qualified to answer here.

I use a method a little like Irishsetter's. I set the dice to what I want and then quickly rub my hand on either my hip or across the front of my shirt, taking care to avoid the stains from lunch. Usually works well.

If I have a clean shirt on I rub my fingers on my hip or the felt. If the dice feel a little sticky I will rub them on the felt as well.

Jon G

What about placing a small bowling resin bag in one of your pockets?

Hmmmm.  I might give that a shot.



I too use a small talc impregnated bag 4" x 2" for bowling and craps and it fits neatly in my front pocket of my pants (slacks, dockers etc). It keeps my fingers dry and slick. I will usually reapply during each comeout and after 7 or so throws while waiting for the dice and all betting to complete. It doesn't discolor my pants or give off any odor, that I can tell.

Although if an opportunity presents inself as in a payoff dispute where attention is diverted, then I reapply again.

I purchase the small bags at my local Stuff-Mart for around $3.00.

Just don't reapply too often or other players and the crew will wonder why your fingers are your pants so often.


I like the idea of the talc bag - like the old resin bags we used to use in baseball.  I'll have to try that one.  Thanks.


How do Heavy, me, I put a little corn starch in an old small pill bottle and carry it in my pocket. Like the hair creme, a little dab will do ya. Start with clean dry hands, you don't want to make gravy in your palms. You being diabetic, betcha got boxes of this stuff, Dice Doc uses alcohol wipes for sticky fingers. You talk about slickem, corn starch is like greased lighning. I prefer it over talc. Don't smell as pretty!!!

Dice Doctor

Hey Heavy! I had the same thought about a year ago but met with disasterous results when talc-ing up my fingers. Think about it: a baseball pitcher uses a rosin bag to get a better grip (ie more sticky). Bowlers use the talc bag as well to increase their grip in the holes of the ball. I'm not sure exactly why it is makes the cue slide better when playing pool (maybe because of the wood?) but when used for dice setting, you will get more drag than ever. I like to use plain alcohol pads to clean my fingers then I keep 'em clean by rubbing on my clean COTTON shirt as I play. Don't use the swabs they give away free at the cashier cage. They have a bit of detergent in them to clean up messy slot playing fingers and will also make for stickier dice setting fingers.

I understand that you will be attending the PARR weekend. During that time you will learn of a "secret" that many PARR players use to reduce drag on the fingertips. Another one of those tidbits one gets by joining the team.


Tried talc then found pure cornstarch a couple of years ago . Have a small plastic bag with acloth lining (my wife got it with some jewerly) it fits in my back right back pocket. Only use a dusting of cornstarch on your fingers prior to the dice coming to you,if you use too much you may have control problems. Don't have to dust my fingers but once or twice during my shoot. It works well.  


Great answers everyone - thanks.  Dice Doctor - they're not going to make me bite the head off a chicken as part of the PARR initiation, are they?  

Dice Doctor

No chicken head biting, Heavy. But, you do have to get stinking drunk and pick up two dice with your butt cheeks...off a block of ice. hehe


All -

Now - there is a vision that we ALL would get a kick from watching!!

Hope I can talk by (much) better half into allowing me to go that weekend - looks like it will be a TON of fun!!!

PS - The education would be a bonus - be seeing Heavy do a die butt cheek pick up - would be priceless - more than worth the price of admission!

The Man In Black

I was just wondering if anyone ever thought of using a folded paper towel and put that in your pocket...

May the dice be with you, always...

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