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The discussions are dated thus, some of the information may possibly be out of date.



  Frequently Asked Questions Troubleshooting
  Barring Precision Shooters Grips & Throwing Techniques
  Practicing Betting Strategy



Frequently Asked Questions


Dice Tournament Strategy




Axis Set(s) vs Top/Face Set(s)




Precision Shooting For A Profit?




How Do You Track Your Rolls?








Are You Sure Those Are Real Casino Dice?




Table Sizes




Hardway Set for 7 Avoidance




Hardway Set - Revisited




Dice Recommendations




Your Style Of Throw




SRR Question




Trajectory Question




SRR Calculation




Great Expectations




Table Height




Straight Sixes or PARR All Sevens Set?




So What's Really Important?




Would You Do It All Over Again?



Dice Sets: V-3's vs X'd 6's




Favorite Tables? (for dice influencers)




Paging MP - The Palms




What Time Is Best For You?




How Did You Decide On Your Set?




What Dice Must Do...And Not Do




In the News




One Out of 43?






 Questions For the Mad Professor

    Mad Professor Inquiry
  Can't Get It Together
  Need Some Tips
  New Shooter Needs Some Advice
  MP I Need Help - Mechanics
  Crossed Sixes Trouble
  Unbelievable Results!
  Lost My Shooting Ability: Reward!
  My Ineffective Front Stance
  Stupid Question Time...Sticky Fingers
  Taking It To The Next Level
  Familiarity Breeds Contempt
  Any Poor Skill Set Adjustments?
  Analyze This Session - Going to Vegas
  The Sixth Set
  Do Your Fingers Work Against Each Other?
  Two Fingered Grip (thumb & middle)
  Different Dice...Different Throw?




Barring Precision Shooters

  Barring Precision Shooters
  Black List
  PARR Heat
  PARR Heat - Golden Goose Article Comments
  From The Newsgroups
  Seminar Weekend
  Casino Heat
  It Ain't Cheating




Grips & Throwing Techniques

  Other Grips
  Rolling Thunder Throwing Technique
  Dice Pick Ups
  Table Position
  Table Position Revisited
  Forward Spin / Backspin
  Dice Sets and Grips
  How Much Time To Set the Dice?
  Beginners Grips
  Diagonal Grip Questions
  Picking Up With the Diagonal Grip
  Three Finger Grip

Dice Setting - Get a Grip / Table of Contents





  Junk Drawer Practice Table
  Practice Data Accumulation AND Procedure
  Practice Table - Felt Installation Ideas
  Doesn't Practice Pay Off In The Long Run
  Out of Left Field - Warming Up
  Cool Yer Jets
  Cycling Up




Betting Strategy

  Lay Bets On Come Out
  Best/Worst Craps or Gambling Books
  Toking Strategies
  A Different Way of Thinking
  Betting Strategies - Progression vs Regression
  Mini V Here I Come!
  More Mini V Questions
  What's Wrong With This Picture?





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