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Toking Strategies

Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.


Say that your SRR sucks and have a small bankroll. What kind of toking strats would you suggest?


That's a different kind of question. First of all, I'd suggest you put together a practice rig if you don't already have one - and work on that SRR. Secondly, I'd suggest you improve the size of your bankroll. How do you do that? It's the old "pay yourself first" line.

Now, "small bankroll" is a relative term. Your bankroll drives your betting action - and you should not over-tip relative to your action. Just adds to the percentage you have to overcome.

When I'm playing and doing well I place a small (usually two-way hardway) bet for the boys every 20 minutes or so. I begin this right after my buy in - placing a bet early in my session. I gauge the 20 minute figure by the Stick change. So every time there is a change of stick I'll place a small bet for the boys. This is so every dealer on the rotation knows I'm toking them - and it is always returned in the form of late bets booked - dice passed to me in the correct pre set - bets overpaid by a unit - that sort of thing. If I'm really winning I'll place a series of bets for the boys as long as the trend holds. But if I'm losing I back off to every 30 minutes or so. And just as I begin my sessions with a dealer bet - I also end my session with a dealer bet. After I color up I'll take whatever odd number of singles I have and set the boys up with some additional prop action.


Yeah - let me ditto what Irish said about piggybacking. If I'm betting the hardways for myself I'll often piggyback their bet on mine. I'll also tell them I want to control the bet - meaning I have some say in the payoff after it hits. If I have a $5 hard six with a buck piggybacked for the boys - on the first hit I'll parlay mine - and tell them to press theirs to $5 and drop $5 in the box. If they get a second hit I'll give them a choice of being $50 and down or taking $40 and pressing it to $10. MOST of the male dealers want to stay in the game. MOST of the female dealers want the $50 and down - just a little personal observation there.

Another reason for piggybacking their bets on yours - if the pit critter is rating your play and he walks over and sees their bets stacked on yours - he will go ahead and include that dealer bet in your rating the majority of the time.


JC, Interesting thought about how to toke if you are just starting out and dont have a lot of money to spread around. As we all know the dealers apreciate any and all attempts to put them in the game,I tell them that after I put up a bet for them that they are gambling from the comfort of their own job.Any toke is great but the ones that WIN are the ones that the dealers want.Look closely at your game any decide which bet you are most likely to win and mabe thats the one you go with.Since you are not a high roller you probably dont take full odds all of the time,which gives the crew an opportunity to be with you on the odds(some places will allow you to place a few bucks on top of a full odds bet for the crew).Another way is just take some of your winning bet and say down for the crew after you have won a wager,If you or someone else is having a good hand and you have pressed a place bet up and the shooter keepr hitting it just take part of the win and give it directly to the crew. The crew knows who has the money and who doesnt so do what you can for them...the good ones will know that you are a good guy and apreciate it.

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