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Please remember!  These are archives!  The Dice Setter message board was shut down. What is published here are just a few of the threads documenting the early days of dice setting strategies and opinions written by the pioneers of dice influencing.

What Time Is Best For You?


Some like to do IT in the morning.  Others enjoy their "afternoon delight."  Still others do their best work when the sun goes down.  Which one are you?  "Night Owl?" "Afternoon Delight?" or "Early Bird?"

For me...it's easy...as easy as 1..2..3..or simply, 1 pm..2 pm..3 pm..  You see, I frequently do my best work...that is I have my best craps hands in the early afternoon.

I can't explain it.  I find it hard to quantify.  I often wonder.  And, as a teacher, I've even analyzed: why I can't get my shooting act together...sooner!

In pondering the question, I've come up with a host of possible explanations.  They range from pure coincidence (sheer chance) to needing two or three shoots to find my rhythm.  In between, I've thought about my need for a cup of coffee (caffeine, a stimulant, might perk me up) or a snack (raise my blood sugar level)  might help.  In any event, until I notice otherwise, I'm going to classify myself as an afternoon shooter.

Yet, I've even thought of ways to combat this afternoon shooting propensity.  One (like a former Boston Red Sox pitcher who was an extremely slow starter and pitched simulated innings in the bullpen before the actual game)  way to combat this would be to have some practice tosses at home before I left for the casino.  Another thought was to have breakfast at the casino instead of eating at home.  Another thought was to have a coffee before I begin a shoot.

In any event, would you classify yourself as a morning
person (shooter)? afternoon? or nighttime?  When's the best time for you?


The sessions I remember winning the most times are the morning ones.  Maybe the fresh mind, rest, and a cup of coffee are the keys.


Sweetie, could you bring me a virgin bloody and two cups of black coffee?  

Yep.  Early morning.  Just me and the dealers and MAYBE a couple of old-timer regulars.  

The early bird gets it....


I go along with Heavy. The mornings are the best. I'm rested, $5 tables, all my friends are there and I get a free breakfast, unless I lose and in that case I have all day to get over my lose. Like Tuesday, &%#$.


I prefer to play late at night ,  so I guess that makes me a night owl 8)

I play at least once a week in AC in the late evening hours (anywhere from 10 pm -4am) that's where you can find KRUE flying from casino to casino in search of an empty table with a low minimum .

Ive found that at those times you can always find at least one empty $5 table to prey on.

Once Ive found one I circle around again and look for any pit predators who are known to despise me and give me heat.

From a safe distance, I watch and observe the chicken feeder $$$ get devoured by the ever hungry casino.

All the while Im always looking out for other wise night owls like myself who set the dice and use a controlled throw and are capable of long hands.

When the conditions are right, I emerge from the darkness of the casino after having stalked my victim ,and pounce on the table ready to play.

After I'm satisfied with my quick hit and run I take my winnings and disappear into the night air.

Then its back to my home...the city that never sleeps!

Its good to be a night owl...Hoot Hoot!!


Early morning gets the nod from me. A fresh cup of Joe, fresh friendly dealers, sharp crisp dice, and maybe one or two other regulars.  By 10AM I'm back home banging out chores keeping the Mrs. happy.


Hey Teach,

Interesting question.  My next article to post was going to be titled “Are you and AM or a PM Person?”  Perhaps I’ll still go forward with it as I have a couple of points that have not been mentioned.

I’m definitely a morning person.  I feel refreshed and energized, two items that I believe are important from both the physical and mental side.


Howdy All,

I'm with several others on this matter. Early AM through about mid morning. Coffee is better, concentration is better, number of players is usually smaller, all of which add to the morning craps experience.


I prefer early AM before 11am.

When in Vegas I will hit the floor somewhere around 6am.  Stay as long as it is good or I feel it is a no win table or marginal table.

I would say that I seek out heads up play as much as possible.  If another precision shooter is around will work in pairs or threes at most.  I don't like crowds!!

Worst time weekends: swing shift (4pm -2am) and early graves (2am till 10am).  The crazies (late bettors, rude buyins, prop ploppies and loud drunks) come out of the woodwork between midnight and 4am.

Some of the best hands I have ever had (50+ numbers) were heads up or with only one or two other players at the table.  A 45 minute hand with three people at the table is the equivalent of 1 hours with a full 12' table and 2 hours on a full 14' table.  Payoffs are more accurate and there are almost no payoff/bet disputes!


Time of day, specifically speaking, doesn't really matter for me...but... I HAVE to:

be rested
previously eaten a non-fat meal
drink plenty of water
already been to the bathroom.

The above procedure may may sound goofy, but if these items are met and I am in an 'emotional'
mood (I'm high strung) - for whatever reason - from job stress, the drive, family, overall casino environment
or whatever, then I am doomed until I recognize the situation, calm down and regain focus/control.  

So the actual time is irrelevant but the preparation for the event is paramount.


Sun. to wed. sleep late get to casino about 12/100 pm play for 2/3 hrs .Thurs to Sat nap after supper get to casino between 1030 pm and 100am turistas gone home table limits start to come down as players thin out only die hard regulars and smart players at the rail game moves very fast no debates arguments and every body knows what to do.

Man In Black


I am a frequent to Shreveport/Bossier City. I ALWAYS play from 3:00 A.M. up to 9:00 A.M. Those are the only times that you can get empty (virtually) tables, which I prefer. The Horseshoe has the most craps tables at 8 (I think), so finding those legendary vacant tables like in Vegas aren't exactly easy to come by.


Glad this question was asked because I never even thought about it.
I've had bad shoots at all times of days, nights and early mornings, but the good ones as I recall were all late afternoon to to graveyard type 2am shoots.

much as x654 mentioned about preparation I think I do better with a meal in me, recently washed hands and partaken in the sacrament of caffeine.

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