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You Oughta Be In Pictures...

The 26 second movie you're about to download is my first foray into digital video.  This small sample was a test to see whether a larger scale project is feasible.  I have a lot to learn about shooting video, and even MORE to learn about editing.  BUT, this should give you an idea of the potential of the media.  Due to the size of the files, any future digital video productions would have to be distributed via CDROM.  After you've viewed the file, I'd appreciate any feedback you might have to be posted on the message board.

The Scene: You're going to see "K's" custom made craps table.   It's fantastic and well worth what he paid.  On the downside, the new felt and padding are unbelievably springy so throwing on this table was like throwing on a trampoline.  You'll see what I mean.

The Throws:  You will see two different throwing styles.  The first is "K" using the Ideal Yuri Grip.  The second is Irishsetter (Adidas t-shirt) using the Two Fingered Front and Back Grip.  Admittedly, the throws I've captured here are far from perfect, I again mention the fact that this table was BOUNCY....but you'll get the gist.   Sadly, because of the file size problem, I wasn't able to use slow motion to much extent.  I have to tell you though, slow motion offers a lot of potential for explaining throwing mechanics.

So what's the future hold?   If response is strong to this small sample, I hope to perhaps gather a small number of precision shooters to shoot a large amount of footage to be edited into approximately 30 minutes of video.(with sound)

Let me know what you think!

Medium Resolution
Click here to download the movie if you have a high speed connection.
(8.2 mb / DSL download takes about 3 minutes)

Low Resolution
Click here to download the movie if you have a low speed connection.
(5.0 mb / 56k modem download takes about 20 minutes)

Make sure you choose "Save File To Disk" option!

*You'll notice that there is no high resolution choice.  The size of this file with the throws in slow motion and no compression was 322 mb.




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