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Looking for Mad Professor Articles?
They are Here at Dice Setter

Tino Gambino is the pen name of the advantage-play dice-influencer known by crapshooters worldwide as The Mad Professor. He supports himself primarily by playing craps in casinos throughout North America, the Caribbean, and all other parts of the gaming world.

The Mad Professor has written hundreds of essays on craps. They originally appeared on www.dicesetter.com, and although they were not actually hidden, they had not been mentioned in any existing books on craps. Unless you visited www.dicesetter.com  yourself, you might not have known that the Mad Professor wrote any essays.

I still remember the day I stumbled across the Mad Professor’s essays. My reaction was: “Wow! What a mountain of wonderful advice that I did not even know existed!” I was impressed because the essays contained things that I thought I was the first to figure out; I had not realized that anyone had already figured them out earlier than I did, but the Mad Professor did. Those essays also contained many items that, when I read them, my reaction was “I wish I had thought of that!” This book contains the best material in those essays, in distilled form. It also contains much new ground-breaking material that is not contained in any of those essays, and frankly in no previous books on this subject.

The main strengths of the material in this book is the Mad Professor’s observations on gripping the dice, aligning them, tossing them, practicing, setting the dice, betting, and adapting to the various different tables you will find in casinos around the world. In other words, it not only gives you a step-by-step process of how to construct and assemble all of those different components into a seamless, repeatable skill; but it also offers some keen insight into confirming and validating your real-world advantage and ultimately how to accelerate the profit-exploiting edge that lets you turn some of the casino’s money into your money.

Stanford Wong

Pi Yee Press

Las Vegas, Nevada


About his own book, Mad Professor tells us...


The Crapshooting Bible is definitely not for neophytes, nor those players who only have a passing interest in dice-influencing. Rather, the book is for the serious recreational players who want to ratchet up their skill-level and jump-start their advantage-play profits.
The book isn't an introductory primer to the world of dice-influencing; and it certainly has no pretensions about doing so. Instead, it offers an advanced advantage-play course of study for players who have not only already have a basic understanding of dice-influencing and a solid grasp of the theory behind dice-setting, but who already possess a strong commitment towards improving upon and furthering what they already know about advantage-play precision-shooting.
The book enables a player with average competence, normal intelligence, and a modest bankroll, to ratchet up his dice-shooting abilities into a consistently performing skill-set which can then be seamlessly combined with matched-to-ability betting levels...on wagers that are verifiably realistic to his current D-I capability.
By following my advantage-play methods in the book, players learn how to profitably exploit their ever-evolving skills in a low-risk, high-probability-of-success manner; so they are better able to not only get some of the casinos money in the first place; but they are better prepared and equipped to keep on getting it on a session-after-session-after-session basis.


Mad Professor - May 2006


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