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Soft Touch Says

A Question of Direction...

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Soft Touch Says -

My dear readers, here's wishing you all a prosperous gaming new year. I am grateful to you all for the years of continued support with your readership.

If you have been reading my lines here, you may recall my opinion about direction...that is to say, "If you don't like the direction the game is heading, change your direction."

Ed entertains a reader's question about dice setting and the position of the dice before tossing them. Does direction of the dice make a difference? Hmmmm, I know you must throw them in the direction of the back wall. I cut my losses now and let Ed take this one.

Happy New Year Friends!

Soft Touch 


Hi Ed,


First off, great site!  Very informative!  I was just curious about one thing.  Does it matter which way the dice are facing when you throw them? 

For example, I saw that you have the mini V facing toward you, whereas the flying V is facing away from you here on this page:


Does direction matter or is it more about what numbers are exposed on the dice?


I say this because I also saw this page (http://www.diceinstitute.com/2007/01/the_primary_dice_sets.html), which had the flying V set up the same as in your example but the mini V is also facing away from the shooter.

Thanks for your time and assistance. Colin


Hi Colin,


There are over 1000 different ways of arranging two dice. Here is my answer and it is not a contrast or comparison to mini or flying V. It has to do with thought form.


Nowhere is it written it has to be “this” way with the dice faces. If there is a place where it is written, then it is dogma.


Get a pair of dice. Arrange them as pictured. https://www.dicesetter.com/setting/mysets.htm Rotate them 180 degrees. The set now points with the “V” away from you. However it is the same set with the same theoretical outcomes providing that both dice stay on axis.


Now, take the right die, pick it straight up and move it over, to the left, and place next to the other die. (You simply switched right die to be the left die.) The V now is pointing towards you again. Perform the 180 rotation. V points away, same set.


What matters has more to do with your intention. Also, your confidence which comes from a strong belief in the theory, probably founded in your commitment to practice in order for you to develop the skill. Additionally, a detached acceptance for the times when everything appears perfect, but the result is ugly.


Short answer, direction only matters to you, the set you use and the direction of the faces to use, should be the one which results with the most consistency for the desired outcome.


Ed Jones

Editor / ed@dicesetter.com


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