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Soft Touch Says

Sweet Spot Question

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Soft Touch Says -

Welcome back my dear readers. I agree with Ed on this one, no two shooters are alike and as individuals, our dice will react like a signature...uniquely.

One thing I'd like to add here is when I am shooting, I am not a married to a particular set. I put a great deal of focus into my resulting toss and as I identify trending results, specific numbers that I want or don't want. I will change my set to get what I do want, based on how I observe my dice to be reacting. Granted, I have developed this skill over the many years of dice play. The game is not static and as I have long said, "If you don't like the direction your game is going in, change your direction!"

"Keeping'em even."

Soft Touch 


Where is the Sweet Spot?


Dice Setter, I am somewhat new to the dice influence concept and am reading as much as I can and practicing as best I can. In reading The Mad Professor's Bible and Sharpshooter, plus articles here and elsewhere, I am a bit confused about where the dice should land the first time. The Professor uses the double white line between the Pass and Don't pass lines.  Sharpshooter in one section notes he tries to land in the middle of the pass line while other dice influencers try to land beyond all the lines.


So---can you ask your contributing authors to explain their first landing spot to help clarify {or maybe confuse} all us readers? Is there a "sweet spot: or does this vary by individual?


I understand this is a long question but if you could abbreviate it and put the responses in an upcoming newsletter it would be helpful to all.





Good question Jack!


It is not set in stone where you drop the dice. Each table is different and you have to find that sweet spot for the best reaction with dice hitting the back wall. So, sorry, but there is not an answer for you that specifies where the dice should land first. You practice, you watch, and you adjust your toss to the prevailing table conditions.


This means to consider your own toss with respect to grip, speed, height or angle of assent, back spin, release point, your position on the table, and surface conditions, (hard to soft).


Last, each shooter has their own style. Your style is not likely to be like mine and does not have to be or should be. So, the “sweet spot” for each of us will be different, even on the same table. If you are to become successful as a dice setter, you will toss a lot of dice learning how to control those things which you can control. Understand here, when I reference control, I refer to your ability to recognize what is going on with your dice and make the necessary adjustment for the end result. That is, you are satisfied with the way your dice are reacting to table conditions. It does not mean that the dice always end up on numbers that you want. Certainly that is the intention, however, consistency with toss after toss is what we are after. With consistency, you are able to establish the best toss for table conditions, and therefore control the effect of your dice setting skill. Don’t like what you are seeing, adjust what you are doing. Push to shove, sometimes it is just not your time and taking a break or finding a different table is in order.


Ed Jones


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