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Soft Touch Says

Does Size Really Matter?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Soft Touch Says -

Hello my dear readers,

This month we have an answer from the bedroom. (Careful Ed!) Does the size of the dice make a difference for dice setters?

Just back from a very enjoyable trip to Las Vegas. Spent time with my dear friends Beth and Beau Parker... Mr. and Mrs. Dice Coach. Whoa is the Dice Coach ever busy with students, private groups and collaborative classes. Howeard "Rock'n Roller" and "Heavy" - Steve Haltom. See his web site for details.

Enjoy Ed's "pillow talk" Does Size Really Matter?

Soft Touch 


Does Size Really Matter?

HI Ed,

I was recently playing craps in Las Vegas and notice different casinos use different size of dices. Have you noticed this? Also there's not much difference, but is there enough to make a difference? Last, have you noticed if it's better to play at a empty table, so that when you throw the dice don't deflect of other peoples chips at the other end of the table, which usually turns your number you might throw into a seven.

Thanks, Brian F.

Okay Brian, I have to be careful with his one.. don't want to be competing with NFL troubles.

Yes, you are correct. Most casinos use 3/4 inch dice but some go with 11/16 and 5/8. The larger dice are easier to manipulate for most dice setters. However, size only matters in the bedroom, not  in a dice game…so I am told. (duck)

If you learn to control your drop, and you should, hitting the chips is a non issue. Play alone, play with others, it really comes down to what is working and producing results for your style of play. You make it too hard on yourself if you limit your game to empty tables. Casinos are more likely to close an empty table than have you crank overhead for four employees. They know their business and if there are two tables open, they expect them to be full most of the shift. Learn to follow the energy of the game, and not limiting factors like empty verses full or half full tables. Develop your craft and increase your knowledge. Play smarter. Superstitious dice is just that. Hitting the chips happens and seven is the favored outcome and usually not the number you want when a die hits the chips. Silly really to give it any merit. Sevens happen!

Casino dice were made of cellulose nitrate, starting around the 1920s, but sometime around the 1950s the manufacturers switched to cellulose acetate which is more durable. Very old casino dice have often started to crystallize and will have turned yellowish around the edges. This crystallization is caused by age and exposure to moisture and ultra-violet light.  A completely crystallized die will disintegrate if pressure is applied

More about casino dice here.
Ed Jones  


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