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Commandments of Discipline

compiled from suggestions made by message board participants

v      Play less frequently with larger buy ins.

v      Set loss limits and ABIDE by them.

v      Make your practice meaningful by setting specific objectives.

v      Take regular breaks.  The tables will always be there. Play when you're rested and relaxed.

v      Establish a separate bank account exclusively for casino play. Never mix household funds with gambling funds, ever. Never play with scared money.

v      Limit the amount you wager on RR's.  When you're at the tables, be sure you're always in a position (mentally and physically) to win.

v      Qualify all shooters, yourself included.

v      Play a pre-determined game plan. Don't let a dealer or another player alter your game plan.

v      Do not chase your losses and quit when you are ahead!

v      Learn the virtue of patience.

v      Keep records!

v      Always remember: The house has the edge don't push your luck, lock up a profit and regress before pressing. In other words; "Get in - get it done - and get gone.


Confuses Say, but The Professor Says...

Discipline is not just an idea it is a way of life. You either have self-discipline or you don't. When it comes to casino games, playing without discipline is like driving a car down Berthoud Pass without any brakes. One element to your advantage is self control. Playing under control takes discipline. If you are weak in discipline, it is something that you can practice and develop. Playing  craps as an advantaged player means that you take every single bit of help into your game. Remember, it is many small twisted wires that make up the cables that hold the suspension of the Golden Gate Bridge.

If you are looking for more on the topic of discipline, check out my articles here on Dicesetter.com and you may also want to check out my blog posts at Playing 4 Keeps - Visit playing 4 keeps blogs .

"The Professor"




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