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General Craps

On Superstitions
A Roundtable with Heavy, Billy, Pork Chop, Roadrunner, Dice Doctor

About  Energy

The Professor / Playing 4 Keeps / Metaphysics

Craps Table Etiquette
A roundtable discussion with Roadrunner, Heavy, Pork Chop, Billy & Dice Doctor

Best / Worst Craps or Gambling Books
Roundtable discussion with Roadrunner, Pablo, Billy, Heavy, Dice Doctor, Pork Chop and Mad Professor

Commandments of Discipline
compiled from suggestions made by message board participants

Precision Shooting

On Put Bets and Precision Shooting
A Roundtable with Heavy and Mad Professor

On Backspin...
A roundtable discussion with Pork Chop, Heavy, Pablo, Mad Professor

When To Take Your Show On The Road
A roundtable discussion with Heavy, Billy, Pablo & Dice Doctor

The Birth of D. I.

All Fishermen are Liars

Stories of the ones that got away and others that almost did...


What really works?

Never miss out on the opportunity of a monster roll...

If you've enjoyed these roundtable articles, there are frequently roundtable discussion articles in the Dice Setter Newsletter.  Some examples of roundtable articles that have appeared in the newsletter; Come Out Strategies, The Biggest Mistake A Precision Shooter Can Make, On Charting Tables... and A Winning Attitude.


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