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Billy's Vegas Trip

 All of you have read my posts on last weeks stay in the promised land. My sleep patterns have returned so I thought I would post something on the trip.

I dont have my notebook at the office and as you have read I haven't recieved a spanking of that magnatude since I released the parking brake on my dads buick in the driveway in 1961,so I will spare you the gory details and relate some of the good and or odd things that I observed.

I met and played with ,Dice Doc,Tinhorn,Highlander,Randy,Bill,Dan,Ron x2 and many others. All of the people that I met were great folks and if you can also meet them it will be enjoyable for you.

Night #1
Met Randy and Bill downtown and shot at the Golden Nugget. This session was the best session,and best personal shoot of the week(imagine that the first was the best and went downhill after that). . Randy then Bill got the dice and really warmed them up so when they came to my side they were really ready to run. Randy says that it was a 50 roll hand,I didn't count it but it was a long hand with many points and repeaters. Between the three of us I almost tripled my $500 buy in. We all colored up with smiles.

Thursday Night
Randy and I met with Tinhorn,we all enjoyed the comraderie of dice shooters but the resulsts didnt match our expectations,not bad but could have been better. An odd thing happened before I met with the group. I was at the Rio,playing a short session be-4 I met with the group downtown. I bought in in the middle of a hot shoot and made a few dollars during the hand.  The next shooter passes the dice to the other end to a dont player next to base. Because of the long hand he was expecting a short one. NOPE!he establishes a 10,a D/C 4,and aD/C9,lays max odds on each and proceeds to throw numbers. The 4 and 9 go down along with two other D/Cs. After more than 20 rolls he says"I cant do it. . . Pass the damn dice". Next shooter is also on the dont and waves them off,so they go to the guy next to me. He continues the tear. He finally makes the 10 to complete the hat trick for the darksiders,and doesn't even slow down. After he makes the next point it is 5 mins before I'm supposed to meet the group,so I left the table during a great shoot up $250. 00. What a moron,I deserved what I got at the Horseshoe for bowing out of the great hand. This wasn't the last stupid thing I did,but perhaps the most obvious.

Friday Night
I was scheduled to meet with the Highlander after his drive in from la la land. I was playing solo at the Stardust on a table that really liked the way I was throwing the dice. I was at that time already behind,my back was killing me so I was playing small and was concentrating on my delivery. I couldnt convince my sword wielding comrad to come to the Stardust so I headed for Paris(another mistake leaving yet another favorable table). After many voicemail messages we found eachother at a table at Paris. The trend was chop I had the stickman bump me and pull the leanin trick so I colored and waited for theHighlander to shoot. He wanted to play at Ballys so thru the tunnel we went. Highlander chose a table that had his position open(strait out) my position 1 left wasn't open so I stood with him to chat. Miss,miss,miss,miss,Billy is glad that he didn't buy in and play and is smiling. . . . The guy opposite Highlander gets the dice. Establishes a four on the come-out. He has a very deliberate routine with the dice,drop,drop drop until a duece shows on one die,sets mini v and taps the table two or three times,then lets em fly to our end. After about 20-25 rolls he brings back the easy 4. I'm wanting in the game now but a guy has moved into the only open spot on the table and gets a $20 or $30,000 marker.  Yea lotttts of zeros on the end of that marker. The table is now full,Billy is watching,instead of playing. On the second comeout he throws hard four,so again we drop,drop drop looking for the duece. Our end is all do players except for the player on Highlanders right he lost on the first repeater four and is now up on another $50 D/P four. Now it gets great I watch while the shooter trys for the four from 10:00 PM until 10:40 PM,thats right 40 minites trying to repeat the damn four. Mr marker is at the table max in about 10 mins and Mr $50 no four is in anguish on every roll. Shooter must have thrown ace/deuce 15 times to the ooohs and ahhhs of the gathering,nope no four. At 10:40 the seven shows to finish his hour long shoot at one point. The dont guy is even Mr Marker must own Ballys ,the Highlander is all smiles and I wasn't on the shoot. Great trip so far huh?. A boatload of silver($5000) checks go to Mr. Marker, black to the Highlander,and I walk to the cab stand down a hundred from Paris. This is my trip in a nutshell.
More Later if I can stop crying.


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