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Last Morn In Biloxi

After having practiced my dice tossing for the last couple of weeks and taking notes of results, I decided on my trip to Biloxi to only play the Don't and not touch the dice. After playing 3 sessions on the Don't in Vicksburg and Biloxi, and being up $121, I decided I`d play one more session Sun. morn before making the trip back to Arkansas.

I decided to chart the table and play accordingly this time. First two shooters made a pass each, so I played pass line with odds. The dice came to me. From my results the previous two weeks, I used 6top/4facing me,6/4 on the come-out and would use Flying V for points 6/8 and cross sixes for 5/9 and 4/10 . (during practice sessions had better success hitting 4/10 with cross sixes than mini V and had better SRR with the sixes) . The man to my left was playing greens on the Don't--the man on my right was playing greens on the hardways---I`m playing $5 on the pass line with single odds progressing to double odds after third straight pass and so on. I roll the dice using my above sets . After I sevened out, the dealer said I had had a 25 minute roll---The don't man to my left said I had made 11 passes-----Before my last roll, the Hardways man broke my dam concentration by saying, "if you roll a hard 8 I`ll let you have my girlfriend (she was a tall, pretty ,thin young blonde that would have been a bargain for a hard eight)---the man had $100 on the hard 8 and I throw a 7----and I had been trying to figure out how to sneak away from the wife instead of concentrating on the dice---I may be old but not completely dead----These are the real results----25 minute roll according to the dealer-----Really 8 passes---I think the Don't man included 3 naturals and I only remember one craps(a 12)----45 rolls-----after tipping dealers I leave the table with my brunch comp in hand and $150 profit----I`m back home in Arkansas now----

Dylanfreak (dreaming of that blonde and a hard eight in more ways than one--and
wishing too----fate knows I have a good wife , so there was only one number that was going to come out on that last roll--moral to this story--when a shooter is shooting don't even breathe)

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