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The Groove - I

My next to last trip, just before Christmas was another disaster. At Mohegan Sun, I was at a table alone again and just stunk the place up! Every way I bet, the opposite came up. I passed when I was on the don'ts and sevened out when I was right betting. SRR was in the dumps and I lost my composure and went way past my loss limit. I was pretty pissed. So I stayed out of the casino during Christmas break and practiced only minimally. Right after new years I hit the practice table in earnest and found a grove. I was targeting a spot about nine inches from the back wall. The dice would hit the table, hop to the wall and drop and settle within five inches of that spot. My SRR went from about 10 up to and over 16 with rolls over 20. I took this new found confidence to the real tables. I played early AM as usual. There was a $5 table with three other players, all RR's. I made minimum PL bet with full 2x odds and started with placing $22 inside, two hits and down for three rolls, then back up. That eventually worked out, so I went to $44 one hit and regress, then 2 hits and regress, then the same with $66. I used the method of counting my rolls by moving chips to the back rail for each successful toss. I went 1 and out, 5 and out, (Not feeling so great suddenly) then 12 and out, and then an amazing 32 and out. That was followed by a 15 and out. I bought in for only $200 (that's' why I took it easy in the beginning) and during that stretch profited $860. I couldn't believe how effortless the session was!!! Talk about being in the zone! I stayed with the crossed sixes and paid close attention to what the dice were telling me, meaning that I wasn't trying to make numbers so much as I was just trying to make good throws and be very mindful of what numbers just naturally came up and react! I was quick to take advantage of each new trend of numbers. I probably bet more than I should have a few times given my bankroll, but I felt really confident and it surprisingly paid off.

At one point I switched off and used the straight six's set, fives facing me. I was hitting yo's and craps and hit two 12's at a nickel each. At one point when I was coming out I rolled : 11, 3, 11, 3, 12, 11. I had bet $2 each on the 3, 11 and 12 for the first two hits, Then $5 each on the next four hits. It was text book dice setting! I'll probably shoot like crap the next time out but this was a lot of fun for a change. No fear, confident bet placing, and trusting in a good throw. Total take for two hours work was a profit of $2310!! My all time biggest pay day.

Two Observations:

a.) Apparently you can repeat grip, arc of the toss, landing area, spin, velocity, etc. for a number of throws as evidenced by the consistent showing of a particular number or numbers, and then you must start losing control over one of the many variables and the numbers start to change. The new numbers stick around for a bit until there is a further erosion or change in your control and they change again and again. It's amazing how the slightest differences will change the outcome.

b.) Talking about rhythm! The toss I had certainly had its very distinct feel but there was a rhythm in the sound of what was happening with the dice. The dice would hit the table with a certain sound and at a certain time interval they would hit the back wall making a second distinct sound and then at another specific interval, they would land on the table, with a different sound than the first hit. They would then roll and stop. During that 32 roll hand, you knew the toss was good by the sound it made. So before the bones stopped you knew money would be pushed toward you. Conversely, when the timing in the sound was off, you cringed, fully expecting the seven, and were relieved when, and if, it luckily didn't show!! Can't wait to get back at it!

The Groove - II

Had my follow up trip to Mohegan following my big win.

Got to the tables at 8:15 am There was a $5 table of normal length and a $25 table. There were no shooters at either one! So I bought in for $300 at the five. It was a friendly group for that hour of the morning. I put $5 on the PL, set the straight sixes and dropped $2 on the 12 for the dealer. Come out was 6. I worked with the crossed sixes from that point. About five throws later, a winner, 6. Second come out: 6! About eight throws later, winner, 6. I'm feeling very relaxed at this point, and the dice are coming off my hand very smoothly and flying true. On my third come out I press the PL bet to $10. Point is: 6! I go to $44 inside and piggy back $5 on the nine for the dealer. (Nines were showing for me!) After two hits inside I regress and sit tight. A few more rolls and two 9's for the dealer, a winner: 6!!! Fourth come out is, you guessed it: 6!!!! Now I'm $15 on the PL with full 2X odds and sixty-six inside, same piggy back bet for the dealer. I get my two hits inside again and regress. I've also hit the nine again for the dealer. About ten throws after the point, a winner 6! On the fifth come out the dealer jokes and says, "Coming out, might as well light up the six!" I throw, the point is: 6 !!!!! I'm still three units on the PL with full odds and inside with $66 and the piggy back for the dealer. It takes about four attempts but don't you know, a winner, 6!!!!! The fifth one in a row. The sixth come out is an eight. Several throws into the hand I let let go a toss that is ever so slightly long and lands right at the crotch where the back wall meets the table and I say out loud, "Oh no!" The dice settle and sure enough, SEVEN!. I got a big hand from the dealers who made at least $35 on the roll.

In the meantime several other players joined the table. The next shooter comes out with a 6!!! So I say, "Well at least we know it's not just me." The shooter goes two and out! The dealer turns to me and says something like, "No, it's definitely not just the dice!"

About four players later the dice come to a guy to my right. He's a chicken feeder. But has a great roll of at least fifteen throws making several passes. I was heavily involved in his run when he sevened out. The dice now pass to me for my next go at it. The table is all dried up though. I go three and out.

I stayed for a couple more shooters who did more damage than good to my winnings. I had a final DC bet on the ten that got picked off one roll before a seven out and I knew it was my sign to color-up! I cashed out a little over and hour later with a profit of $295 and beat feet home.

Observations: I stayed too long dicking around with the other shooters. I should have sat tight and waited for my turn to shoot and left right after my seven out. It cost me a couple or three hundred dollars. I should guard those winnings more carefully and not be so free and easy to get involved with the RR's. It's a lot better going home with $600 instead of $300. And I know I shouldn't look at what was left on the table and feel that a win of any size should have been larger! A win is a win. I'll be more judicial in the future!

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