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MAN In Vegas

My first session was at the Monte Carlo and the table was empty. This was my first outing using precision shooting so I was using a very conservative betting strategy. I was also very nervous so I did not stay long I say I rolled the dice about 15 to 20 times and I walked away with $104 which is 4 more than I bought in for.

Next stop was New York New York. This table had about 4 people at it when I got there.   I was still using my conservative strategy. One was a setter and one of them was a consistent thrower but he did not set. I had a couple of decent hands at this table passing a couple of times each time I rolled the dice and I also hit some place numbers. I walked away about $35 up from my $100 buy in.

Ok here we go on to the Hard Rock.  I had an opportunity to walk away with more money but I wanted another chance to shoot (you'll learn later how this ended up hurting me in the long run). Everyone fed the chickens here and I had one decent hand and then one point then a place number then seven out. I walked from here about $5 up.

Next stop the Aladdin.  Here I jumped in on a random shooter's hot roll.  It did not last too much longer after I started betting. I had an average hand here, nothing really spectacular.  I walked away from this table about $20 up.

Next is the Freemont.  I had my first really good shoot here. I suppose I could have got a T-shirt if I had gone and applied for a player's card. My wife told me that I was in the zone and the hand lasted almost 40 rolls, and I made a couple of people who weren't afraid to bet, quite a bit of money.  I was setting for the 6 & 8 and rolling a lot of 4's & 10's. This hand ended when I set a seven on top and rolled the exact same seven, not the only time I made this mistake. There were a couple of other setters here and another hand that lasted about 23 rolls.  Again an inordinate amount of 4's & 10's were rolled during this setter's hand. The fact that I wasn't taking advantage of the outside numbers and that I was waited to shoot again were my biggest mistakes at this table.  I could have walked away with a nice profit had I done so. My next hand was point seven out . Instead of $150 I walked away about $40 up.

Last stop for this day was the Flamingo.  Big mistake playing here. I had one short hand which ended up losing money for me and the table was too full for me to wait for another chance too shoot. I walked away $50 down.  Three bad shooters in a row is hell on your bankroll.

Next place I tried my hand at was the Venetian.  Today would be my last day in Vegas and I started to bet more aggressively. Here I had a hand that only helped make back the money I lost on other people I bought in for $300 and walked with the same amount.

Next comes my biggest loss at the Casino Royale. The dice were moving really quickly around the table and I rolled a point seven out with close to $100 on the lay out. Had I noticed the poor condition of the table I may not have rolled the dice. Regardless this would have been a good table for a don't player. I walked from this table down $150, ouch.

Next stop Belaggio I had another good hand here. When I started at this table it was me and a black chip bettor .  He also set the dice slowly but surely and the table started to fill. The table was almost full when a dark side bettor showed up.  The table was choppy when he got there but was on the verge of warming up. By the time the dice got to me he had been whacked a couple of times but he would make his money back because of his progression. When the dice got to me and I rolled my first natural, he left.  He did it at a good time too. On this roll I hit about 10 points and I was hitting my inside numbers again.... I was in the zone. I had learned my lesson after my last good roll and walked after I finished shooting I had recouped most of my loss from the previous table and walked with $140.

My last stop for this trip was the Rio.  This day was cold, hot, cold.  I found another empty table, only about two other people playing and I know why, the table was pure chop. I had played conservatively at first and made a pass and a couple of numbers.   My next time with the dice was disastrous, point seven out once again with close to $100 on the lay out. I left this table about $100 down also

All in all I was satisfied with my results considering this was my first encounter with precision shooting in a real world environment there are just some things you can't learn from reading message forums and books. When I was betting conservatively I would have a nickel on the pass line single odds and the 6 & 8 for six. When I was betting aggressively same on the pass line max odds and three units on the inside numbers which I would regress to one unit after the first hit.

Hope you enjoyed my report

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