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Chicago - New Years 90 Minutes --&-- Gone!

After being slightly - (totally??) - driven crazy by seven, (that's right SEVEN), teenage girls screaming, (what they said were "Rocking Songs"), into the night on New Years Eve - my much better half sugessted that as a gift for allowing the gathering in my basement - "Lets go to the boat"!!!

As it was 11:30PM, we quickly left the house, (and hoped it would be standing when we returned), and arrived at the Hollywood Casino @ 12:30 - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2002!!!

The Casino was packed - but thanks to the "Platinum" frequent looser card they have so nicely supplied me with - I was allowed in.

After supplying the better half with Video Poker / Slot funding - I went to the pit - where all tables were full - I finally got a spot at the $25 minimum table - a tad higher then I usually play - but as it was the New Year - what the heck.

With a small buy in of $300 I had to hit early or die - the - lady two to my right had the dice and I had watched her roll before and she was usually solid. I placed the front line and she tossed three sevens and then a ten, I had parleyed the sevens so I had some bullets, I took $75 odds on the ten and waited for her to hit, which she did two/three rolls later --ahh - more bullets. She quickly made two other points before rolling a five then out.

With my BR more than doubled, I really thought about quitting, (as we ALL SHOULD know - GET UP and GET OUT), but as I would have the dice next - I stayed.

The chicken feeder on my right totally impressed me with his double tap on the table - drop the dice - then spin around three times - back to the dice for a rapid, blind, (really - blind - he would close his freaking eyes!!!), toss down the table. After the first THREE rolls went off the table - I picked up my bet and waited for the house to feed - which they did after two - on the table rolls - five / seven - (I thought that anyone who was still on this turkey deserved to loose).

I got the dice and set all hardways, (one/six axis set), pitched a quarter each on H6 / H8, (added a nickle each way for the "Boys -&- Girls In the Funny Bow Ties"), - called them on and targeted the middle of the come box, (I was at the top on the hook - not my favorite - but it was where I could get in), - much to my surprise I rolled a H8 - took a full parley of $250 on the hardway, (LET IT WORK ALWAYS), and took $125 odds on the front line. The stick took their $45 and went down - when I told them that this was supposed to be a "follow me" bet - the stick indicated that I had not told them that up front - and they were right - however..... - Keeping the same set, I hit a soft six, and then a five, (as I was up - I had placed the six for $60 and in the come box for a quarter each time), now Santa Claus visited me early for 2002 with another H8!! - with $175 and down on the front line - PLUS $2000 - (still working $500) on the H8 - I knew this would be a good night!!! - The stick and dealers looked green - then from the boys I heard the gamblers chant - "IF ONLY...." -

As I have a rather "large mouth" as my better half is so fond of telling me - I was not overly surprised when as the stick was pushing the four purples to me - I had a little hand reach past me and say "MINE!!!!" - the better half had arrived! - within three more rolls the demon showed - (it was "difficult" to have any concentration as everyone was talking about my "lucky" double bubble - the seven didn't surprise me either).

The better half convinced me that it was best to leave with the bounty, I dropped the boys a green and some red then went to the cage. As we were going to the car the better half allowed me 50% of my winnings and indicated that "you know - if you didn't gamble any more this year - you could quit a winner"

HA - Fat Chance!!!

When I returned to the car it was approaching 2:00AM - not a bad 90 minutes.


PS - The house was standing when we returned - still full of noisy, crazy teenage girls - but for some reason - I was more "mellow" now..

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