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Rhythm Dice Setter's Report

Back from staying at Venetian. Good trip plus used comps for room and food. Ate at Venetian twice,Frontier once, Harrah's
twice and to Sam Woo's chinatown once. All comp except last one that we visited before driving home.

I used the cross sixes coming out with a $5 horn bet and the table min. was $10 at Venetian. Placed $34 on inside numbers when the point is inside. When the point is 4 or 10, I placed #34 on the even numbers. Used the flying 'V' with the 3,3, up. The
first day, 2 sessions at Venetian with SRR of 29,11,4,21,11-&-31.

Profit of $980 -&- $106. Since the pass line bet was $10, I only took 3x odds. When other random shooters shot, I would either
just bet the DP or don't bet the pass line and just place the 6 and 8.  Also had one session at Frontier on first day. Used same betting strategy as used at Venetian except that the pass line bet was $5 min. SRR was 16,7,11 -&-17. Profit of $310.

Made a trip to the new Palms casino. $5 min. tables. Didn't care for the loud noise from the band and music that you
had to yell at the dealers to set your bets plus had to repeat your action as they couldn't hear either.  Had SRR of 11,4,8,-&-14. Loss $46 and left.

Second day: At Venetian, same betting as before and set dice the same and had position next to the stick as always. 2 sessions with SRR 10,8,15,2,15. Won $80 at one session and lost $140 in other session.

At Frontier, one session with SRR of 28,4,4. Profit of $120. Then went to Harrah's for an hour. $5 min.tables. SRR of 7,12,11.
Profit of $80,. Made the money on another shooter.

3rd day; Feeling great but couldn't find the sweet spot today. Had one session at Venetian,Frontier and Harrah's. SRR was 3,10,5 12,16,8,5. I switched to stacking the dices with the same setup as before. SRR improved but the tables were choppy and my timing was off as I seem to be on the opposite of what the dices were doing. Loss $189 at Venetian, Loss $400 at Frontier, loss $430 at Harrah's.  So about 6pm we went down town. Union Plaza had only one table going so we went to Binion's Horseshoe. Held my own stacking the dices. SRR of 18,15 -&-7. Profit of $3. Went back to Union Plaza as our car was parked there. My nephew is new and a novice at dice setting and wanted to try it with the $2 min. tables. I was content with going home with a profit so I watched him play for about 45 minutes and the table was warm as he bet the minimum when he shot and placed 2 numbers for $5 when others shot. He was up about $50 when the table was emptying out and he got the dice. I told him that we would go eat and head for home after he shot. There was several spots open and he shot and made a point of 5. After prodding from him, I took $44 out and placed the 6,8,9,-&-10. He set the dices with hard ten up(5,5). Didn't get aggressive as I knew that he was a novice and he would lob the dices high and barely hit the back wall, He held the dices for 25 minutes. I made $280 pressing as he made 6 tens plus other numbers and the point 4 times before
crapping out. I only placed the point.

Afterwards when we were eating, he felt like a million and I had to lecture him that it don't go that way all of the time. Told
him of my example and performance today. The key is to quit when you are ahead. Plus I always pay myself first before I do any pressing. Plus when I press, I always take some and then press some.

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